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11:34 Exploring Decaying SS United States Ocean liner Ship

Exploring Decaying SS United States Ocean liner Ship

Urban Exploration : Exploring Decaying SS United States Ocean Liner Ship

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to check out the decaying SS Unites States Ocean liner. This ocean liner has been sitting in Philadelphia Pennsylvania since 1996. This ship is currently off limits to the public. It is located on a private shipyard shared with the US Govt. I had to undergo background checks to even step foot on the port. Exploring this one without permission is straight up impossible so DO NOT ATTEMPT!

The SS United States is one of the last remaining Ocean Liners. SSUS was part of the United States Lines Fleet. The ships first maiden voyage was in 1952. The ship is about 990 feet long (5 City Blocks) and it is built by famous naval architect, William Gibbs. The SS United States was built different then other ocean liners during this time period. The ship was built with a mixture of steel and aluminum. Steel was used at the bow and on the lower decks as the entire upper desk was constructed of aluminum. The ship was also designed to be fireproof. No wood was used anywhere on the ship. Even the piano was designed with special fireproof wood. Mr. Gibbs designed the ship this way as the United States Govt wanted a ship that was safe and fast. Boy was she. The SS United States broke the speed record of 40-45MPH. It still holds the record today as the fastest Ocean Liner to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. The US Govt second request was to have a ship built in the same quality as a naval ship. This was requested just incase World War III was to happen. The ship could've converted and transport 15, 000 troops to Europe. The SS United States had areas for three classes, First Class, Cabin Class, and Tourist Class. Each class had access to certain areas of the ship. Many famous people traveled to and from the United States on this ship. However in the 60s, transportation across the Atlantic Ocean by plane was much faster. This in turn destroyed the ocean liners profit. Many ships like the Queen Mary, SS America, SS France, started to seize operations due to less interest. The SS United States last journey was in 1969. This massive ship never sailed on it own power again. It ended up being moved to Virginia under a new owner. All of the interior furniture was auctioned off. Some of the interior furniture including the ships horn can be found in museums. In the early 1990s, the ship was sent to Turkey to have its entire interior walls stripped to it bare bones due to asbestos. Then in 1996, the ship arrived to Philadelphia in hopes to be a riverfront Casino / Hotel. Those plans however fell through and the SS United States went through more owners. The ship was about to be scrapped until the SS United States Conservatory bought the ship. The owner of the group is the great granddaughter of William Gibbs, the creator of this ship. They been actively trying to find a owner to restore the ship. Many people are interested, just nothing has been finalized. They rely off donations to keep the ship docked which cost them 50, 000 Us Dollars a month. Donations are keeping this ship afloat. If you would like to make a donation to help save the ship, go to https://www.savetheunitedstates.org/ to make a donation.

Website: http://www.AbandonedSteve.com
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Disclaimer: Exploring Abandoned Structures can be dangerous and you could be trespassing. You could get a fine, get hurt, get sick, and/or get arrested. Therefore I CAN NOT be held responsible for your actions if you do choose to enter an abandoned site. I am not providing this video to show people where and how to get to these places. This video is meant to give my viewers the feel of an abandoned structure safely in their home plus provide some history. Just don't do it. If you choose to ignore this disclaimer, you are taking full responsibility for your actions!

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15:33 TOP 10 Best Bombers (Aircraft) In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 -=HD=-

TOP 10 Best Bombers (Aircraft) In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 -=HD=-

TOP 10 Bombers (Aircraft) In The World 2017, Military Technology 2017 HD
Top 10 best Bombers (aircraft) in 2017:

1. TUPOLEV TU-160 (Russia) — бомбардировщик туполев ту-160
2. B-2 SPIRIT (USA) — Bomber B-2 SPIRIT
3. SU-34 (Russia) — бомбардировщик сухой су-34
4. B-1 LANCER (USA) — Bomber B-1 LANCER
5. AVRO VULCAN (United Kingdom) — Bomber
6. B-52 (USA) — Bomber B-52
7. TUPOLEV TU-95 M(Russia) — бомбардировщик туполев ту-160
8. TUPOLEV TU-22 M (Russia) — бомбардировщик туполев ту-160
9. SU-24 (Russia) — бомбардировщик сухой су-24
10. TUPOLEV TU-142 (Russia) — бомбардировщик туполев ту-142

1. TUPOLEV TU-160 (Russia) — Link coming soon
2. B-2 SPIRIT (USA) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1345-northrop-grumman-b-2-spirit/
3. SU-34 (Russia) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1330-sukhoi-su-34-fullback/
4. B-1 LANCER (USA) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1346-rockwell-b-1b-lancer/
5. AVRO VULCAN (United Kingdom) — Link coming soon
6. B-52 (USA) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1326-boeing-b-52h-stratofortress/
7. TUPOLEV TU-95 M (Russia) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1327-tupolev-tu-95-bear/
8. TUPOLEV TU-22 M (Russia) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1329-tupolev-tu-22m-backfire/
9. SU-24 (Russia) — https://wvportal.net/forums/topic/1328-sukhoi-su-24-fencer/
10. TUPOLEV TU-142 (Russia) — Link coming soon

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3:22 GoPro Awards: On a Rocket Launch to Space

GoPro Awards: On a Rocket Launch to Space

On November 6th, 2015 UP Aerospace Inc. launched the 20-foot (6 meter) tall SL-10 rocket into near-space. The mission: deploy the Maraia Capsule testing the aerodynamics and stability of the payload on re-entry to the atmosphere. The rocket reached an altitude of 396, 000ft (120, 700 meters) and speeds up to Mach 5.5 (3800mph or 6115km/h) at engine burnout.

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9:12 Antonov 225 Mriya Departs Manchester Airport, 26th June 2013

Antonov 225 Mriya Departs Manchester Airport, 26th June 2013

Antonov 225 (UR-82060) finally leaves Manchester Airport after being delayed 24 hours. The huge aircraft is seen departing runway 23L on Wednesday 26th June 2013. The aircraft certainly pulled the crowds in. Just before the Antonov crosses onto runway two, Thomson 787 Dreamliner, G-TUIC lands on 23R.

The Antonov 225 is currently the largest aircraft in the world.

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2:7 Dunya News | Exclusive Video Of JF 17s Escorting Chinese President's Plane
3:37 🇺🇸 USS Theodore Roosevelt & USS Winston S Churchill Arrive At Portsmouth England.

🇺🇸 USS Theodore Roosevelt & USS Winston S Churchill Arrive At Portsmouth England.

The huge aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and destroyer USS Winston Churchill, are visiting Portsmouth UK, its great to see them, and amazing how many aircraft are on the deck of the carrier.

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2:22 C-17 Lands at small commuter airport by accident

C-17 Lands at small commuter airport by accident

C-17 Lands at small commuter airport by accident
TRT= 2:22

This C-17 landed at the small commuter airport (TPF — Peter O'Knight airport) just south of downtown on Davis Islands, in Tampa instead of Mac Dill AFB.

The runways are lined up closely enough that this is not the first time that a USAF "heavy", has set up for final approach from the east before an "oh shoot" moment when they realized that there are no private homes along the runway at MacDill AFB, who's runway is long enough to be designated an alternative for the space shuttle.

When I was shooting news in Tampa, I shot the departure of a Brazilian C-130 who did the same thing. I think that the C130 and this C17 probably lifted off at just about the same point on the runway.

This ought to be a great story for his pilot's, (if not his navigator's) great, great, great, great grandson.

Here is the link to the landing video shot by Ryan, one of the pilots trapped at the airport all day till this take off:

Take a look at the two airports on on Google maps. Also that they backed the tail of the C17 over the water in the channel before takeoff!

hanks for visiting thewebbworks on YouTube.

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3:26 BROKEN Docking Guidance System forces Marshaller to arrive

BROKEN Docking Guidance System forces Marshaller to arrive

Video recorded at Stuttgart Airport on 13 Feb 2016. The British Airways aircraft arrived at gate 16 after landing on runway 25 and a flight rom London´s biggest airport Heathrow.

The ground crew was fully ready for the handling operations but the AirportDockingGuidance System was not working, due to this technical problem a marshaller was forced to drive to the gate and was than marshalling the Airbus into it´s final stand position.

THANKS for watching

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A new bizarre “report” circulating in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims that a leaked top-secret Kremlin document has revealed details of a recent top-secret meeting between President Vladimir Putin of Russia and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.
During the meeting, Biden delivered to Putin a message from President Barack Obama, requesting Russia’s cooperation to establish an “Earth-wide” missile defense system to protect our planet from an impending alien UFO invasion expected to occur in September of 2017.
The move by the Obama administration to seek the support and cooperation of Kremlin to ward off the threat of an alien military invasion of planet Earth came after NASA satellites reportedly detected a massive “miles-wide” alien UFO invasion fleet that entered our solar system.
The massive fleet is believed to be heading toward Earth and will arrive in September of 2017.
he bizarre report appearing on multiple alien and UFO conspiracy theory blogs claims that on January 15, 2014, the U.S. Department of Defense launched three Terrier-Orion rockets from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. Pentagon did not disclose to the public the purpose of the top-secret launches, despite inquiries from the media. The reason for the launches remains a mystery, but it is believed that the launches were part of ongoing efforts by the Pentagon to investigate the alleged incoming alien UFO invasion fleet.
Some reports claim, so far, NASA has detected that the alien UFO invasion fleet is emitting a mysterious force field that appears to act in a manner similar to the Earth’s magnetic field that deflects harmful space energy particles constituting the solar wind.
Since the fleet was first observed, it has approached Earth close enough for amateur sky watchers equipped with good telescopes to observe the structural details, the reports claim.
But it is feared that we will not have answers to the purpose or mission of the approaching fleet until they reach Earth late in 2017. While some believe that the aliens are a hostile war-like extraterrestrial species and that mankind could be facing a threat of extinction due to military invasion and extermination of our race, others have expressed faith that the aliens are a benevolent species coming to save Earth from World War III between the U.S. and Russia.
The latest news being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere has sparked lively discussions on multiple UFO forums, with many viewers suggesting that the aliens are coming to Earth to rescue humanity from the evil NWO-Illuminati globalist cabal bent of imposing a godless rule over the world.
“Who says they [the aliens] are enemies?” one believer asked.
“They are coming to pick up Clinton, ” another believer commented hopefully.
A third believer suggested they could be the Anunnaki from Planet Nibiru.
“Since Nibiru is already here, what makes anyone think the Anunnaki would not be coming with their ships, ” the believer commented. “If true, I’d say be careful since they could have the potential to destroy the whole planet and start all over again.”
Based on the view that the aliens could be coming to save the world from the evil NWO-Illuminati globalist cabal, some expressed impatience, wondering why the aliens were taking so long to come.
“Thought they should’ve been here already, ” a believer commented. “These Aliens keep on wasting our time. We’ve been waiting since 2000 and its 16 years now. They are telling us that they will arrive next year. When next year comes they will probably take a detour and visit Mars and we will have to wait for 2019. Then they might decide to go to Venus and check it out before they come here and then they delay again till 2021. And so this generation dies out…”
he latest alleged evidence of an impending alien invasion and takeover of Earth in 2017 comes after the Inquisitr reported in August that a YouTube doomsday prophet announced in a video uploaded to his channel Revelation13net that recent warnings that an alien invasion fleet will reach Earth in 2017 are corroborated by the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation.
According to YouTube doomsday prophet Psychic T. Chase, Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation reveal that an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth will happen very soon.
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2:18 Nepal quake US aid planes arrive in Kathmandu

Nepal quake US aid planes arrive in Kathmandu

Troops and emergency aircraft from the United States have arrived in Nepal to help deliver aid to remote areas hit by last week's devastating earthquake.
Relief efforts near the epicentre have been hampered by a lack of aircraft.
About 100 US marines, two helicopters and four Ospreys capable of vertical take-off are now in Kathmandu.
Their arrival comes as Nepal's only international airport has banned larger aircraft carrying aid from landing because of concerns over its runway.
More than 7, 000 people died in the magnitude 7.8 earthquake. More than 14, 021 people were injured.
The epicentre was in the Gorkha region, and many roads to the hilly district are impassable due to landslides.
The six aircraft are due to begin aid flights on Monday.
Brig Gen Paul Kennedy said: "We've got search and rescue teams waiting to go out to the remote areas, we've got relief supplies, especially shelters."
New restrictions on planes landing at Kathmandu airport will not affect aid flights, a Nepali government spokesman said.
Planes heavier than 196 tonnes had been allowed to land the quake but restrictions have been imposed because of potholes on the runway, officials say.
Also on Sunday, the United Nations said the problem of customs controls holding up aid deliveries from the airport was "diminishing".
"The government has taken note of some of the concerns that we've expressed to them and they've addressed those, " said Jamie McGoldrick, who is co-ordinating the UN relief effort in Kathmandu.
Landslides and poor weather have hampered efforts to deliver aid to isolated areas.
The death toll could go up, as search and rescue efforts continuing in several hill districts including Dhading, Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok, the government has said.
While the vast majority of casualties were in Nepal, about 100 people are reported to have died in neighbouring India, China and Bangladesh.
On Sunday, Nepali police released a list of foreigners who had been killed or wounded. The largest group of nationals affected is Indians, with 39 known to have died and 10 wounded.
The EU envoy to Nepal, Rensje Teerink, said on Friday that the whereabouts of 1, 000 EU citizens was still unknown.

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