How to find a job teaching English in China. Step by step process on how to get to China

How to find a job teaching English in China. Step by step process on how to get to China

Январь 24, 2016

I am going to be putting together a series of videos about the entire process of how to come to China to teach English. I will show how to find a job, how to do the interview, how to do a teaching demo on skype, how to negotiate your contract to get the best deal for yourself, visas pros and cons of each different visa, arriving in China, finding an apartment, getting paid, food options, and of course, I will show what an actual classroom and lesson looks like.

If you want help finding a job you can email me at or send me a message on facebook.

New Life ESL

Now yes I have said in the past that Best Learning was a horrible school for myself. I have been told that they have replaced the problem and that their pay schedule is much better now. Best Learning is still a great teaching environment especially for those with no degree and no experience who have just arrived in China. Once you get your feet wet, you can move to a kindergarten or other school. Here is a great link for all things teaching in China.
They also host a pretty decent TEFL Blacklist.

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10:32 Can non-native speakers and non-white teachers get jobs teaching in China?

Can non-native speakers and non-white teachers get jobs teaching in China?

I don't have a lot of experience with this topic, but I do work with 3 non-native English teachers. I get asked at least 4-5 times a day about racism and non-native English speaking jobs in China. Race is such a sensitive topic anyway and when you add the issue of people being denied jobs because of it, then it becomes even more of a problem. I do not want to promote anything of the sort. This video is just my experience with the issue and things I have talked with a few other teachers about.

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15:42 How to do a Demo lesson over Skype and interview for a job in China

How to do a Demo lesson over Skype and interview for a job in China

One of the first things you do while looking for a job teaching English in China is have a Skype demo and interview. I'm going to show you step by step how to make them both successful. Pick out a song, I used head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Then pick target language or vocabulary to teach from the song. Make flashcards. Sing. SHOW THAT YOU ARE ENTHUSIASTIC AND HAPPY! In the first interview avoid talking about money. Ask questions about the school and the visa. In the second interview ask about money.

If you want to find a job in China, check out my friends over at New Life ESL. They helped me through this entire process and made it super simple for me to get my job offers.

or send me an email with your information at or

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Here's what happens to your bank account when you teach in China. Subscribe for more China updates!

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8:31 Teaching in China without a degree? My thoughts

Teaching in China without a degree? My thoughts

Hello everyone. In this video I discuss my thoughts on moving to China to teach without a degree. As always, please remember to like, comment, and subscribe.

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4:29 Cost of living in China: Cheap!

Cost of living in China: Cheap!

Check out this quick video from GTU on what your cost of living will be in China.

If you want to teach English in China, you can find our contact info at Good Teachers Union began in 2009 and has helped over 1000 teachers from all around the world find teaching jobs in China. Our primary objective is to not only provide you with a suitable job in China but also help you have a positive and memorable China teaching experience.

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3:30 Teach English In China Video Blog 1: Before Departure

Teach English In China Video Blog 1: Before Departure

Jennifer Roman will begin her placement in Wuhan in September. She will take us on her journey through her monthly video blog. This her introductory video, filmed before departure to China. For more information about our programmes visit:

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10:42 Teaching English In China (Vlog 7)

Teaching English In China (Vlog 7)

In this weeks episode, I show you where I work (a small English school), I experience more ebike problems, and as always some amazing Chinese food!

Alan George — Together

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11:18 English Teacher Secrets

English Teacher Secrets English teacher secrets- here they are! Learn the English teacher secrets they don't want you to know.

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10:47 China vs. India

China vs. India

Both developing countries, but they have very little in common...

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3:30 Teaching English to Children in China

Teaching English to Children in China
Hey friends!

I've been teaching English in Harbin, China for almost a year now to children from ages 4-15 years old. It's been an absolute pleasure and I wanted to share a piece of that experience with you.

Learning English as a second language in China is highly encouraged due to the fact that this skill can open more doors to travel and work abroad in the future. China is currently one of the best options for first time ESL-teachers and offers an abundance of teaching opportunities.

I also go over a lot of questions I get asked in my blog post here:

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