Little Boy's Dog Reunion

Little Boy's Dog Reunion

Январь 19, 2016

Happy tears for this little guy who is so happy to see his canine best friend returned!
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4:40 Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2012

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2012

Soldiers coming home to their lovable pups! Man's best friend!

Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers 2014 —

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2:41 Lost Dog Dora reunited with family after seven months!

Lost Dog Dora reunited with family after seven months!

Dora was reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in Mckinney, TX.
CCAS has many wonderful dogs waiting for adoption. Please check out the volunteer-run page on Facebook:

Note that this video was created by volunteers, not directly associated with the shelter.

Collin County Animal Services
4750 Community Blvd. Collin County Justice Complex Mckinney, TX 75071
Email: and
Hours of Operation Tues-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 12pm-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm
Monday — closed to public.

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9:19 Fastest Rescue & Reunion of Lost Hungry Dog Ever - Amazing Hope for Paws Reunion Due to a Microchip

Fastest Rescue & Reunion of Lost Hungry Dog Ever - Amazing Hope for Paws Reunion Due to a Microchip

This dog rescue and reunion video is by WA2S Films:

Please make a donation to the American Strays Fund:

San Antonio celebrates the New Year with fun and fireworks, which were lovely. But the aftermath for dogs can be disturbing. The fireworks tend to freak out dogs and displace them as they try to get away from the booming noises. This can mean stray dogs lose their way, owned dogs bolt from their homes which results in a higher number of dogs in the streets than usual. We met with Katie Boggs of Katie’s Roadside Rescue ( and rode along with her to see the fallout of the festivities.

Katie has taken on another full-time job, her non-profit Katie's Roadside Rescue, but it is a labor of love….for the stray dogs in San Antonio. After only a few minutes with Katie, it was clear to me how devoted she is to this cause. It was my pleasure to spend time with her and see her in action.

We drove through some areas known for loose dogs and they did not disappoint. After having seen a handful, we came upon 2 roaming dogs that didn’t run when we pulled over. One was a rather scruffy white dog that had clearly been traveling through very muddy areas, the other a black dog with tan and white accents. They both were quite interested in the treats Katie offered. We were in a neighborhood and the question was, are these dogs owned? Neither had a collar or tags but Katie scanned both for micro-chips; the black one had one. Micro-chips only work however, if the owner registers the dog. So Katie contacted the micro-chip company and gave them the number in hopes of learning who the owner was. Typically they give her information immediately; however for some reason this time, they needed to investigate and call her back.

Katie heard from the micro-chip company who had determined who owned the black dog. She would be in touch with the owner and arrange for Kika to go home!

Kika’s owner’s niece had been in touch and our final stop would be to reunite Kika with her family – that is a success story! What we found out is that Kika had gotten out on Christmas Day when a family member accidentally left the gate open. Kika’s home was about 15 miles away from where we found her, and this was a week after she’d escaped. Thank goodness Kika was micro-chipped and she is now safe at home. Had she not been chipped or we had not found her, her future could have been a grim one as a street dog. This was a New Year’s Day reunion – I love happy endings!

Deanna Vollano

Camera, Producer, Director, Editor:
Tom McPhee

c. 2016 All Rights Reserved
World Animal Awareness Society
818.561.5109 Los Angeles

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0:33 Amazing Dad Dog Takes Care of New Mom Dog 2016 | Daily Heart Beat

Amazing Dad Dog Takes Care of New Mom Dog 2016 | Daily Heart Beat

This new mom dog was exhausted after giving birth to 12 puppies. Their very sweet father dog comforted her.

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Dad Dog Takes Care of New Mom

Poke My Heart celebrates moments that make your day brighter. Here you’ll find sweet marriage proposals, touching reunions, creative birth announcements, adorable babies, pet loyalty, and any emotional experience that makes you smile. Based on the classic video, "You Poked My Heart, " we strive to share universal moments that evoke nostalgia, inspiration, and happiness.

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3:43 Most heart-touching reunion of dogs and owners that will shed you tear

Most heart-touching reunion of dogs and owners that will shed you tear

This is the most heart-touching reunion I have ever seen. No doubt that dogs are the best pet that make you feel special, love, and warm.

I really miss my dog after watching this.

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2:44 Stray Dog Gleefully Reunited With Owner

Stray Dog Gleefully Reunited With Owner

Baby was brought in as a stray with some serious wounds and a strange skin condition. Luckily, his loving mom has come in to claim him and provide him with the proper care for his food allergies.

Catch DR. DEE: ALASKA VET Saturdays at 8/7c on Animal Planet:

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3:38 Soldier welcomed home by happy dog!!! Drill Weekend

Soldier welcomed home by happy dog!!! Drill Weekend

***Update*** It breaks our hearts to announce that on March 02, 2016 we had to make the tough decision to put Cotton down. He had been suffering for awhile with pain that we could no longer successfully manage and decided to let him pass on with dignity. We believe that Cotton was placed in our lives as much to save us as he was to save him. Thank you for all your support, now go hug your dog.

Our deaf rescue pitbull excited to have daddy come home!!! Go Oregon National Guard!!! He had been gone for drill weekend and was so happy to see him! I think Cotton didn't know how long 2 days could feel! and for the haters out there I had just seen my husband the day before. So pardon my "lack of excitement :)" thank you to the supporters, I know theres alot of haters posting on here. We got Cotton as a rescue surprise for my husband upon his return home from Afghanistan in 2009 and we got him certified as Phil's service dog. Its a sweet video showing that not only do people miss the soldiers, their dogs do too.

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5:49 Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

Awesome Dogs Compilation — The Best of funny moments with cuttest dogs.

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2:4 Woman Has Tear-Jerking Reunion With Dog Who Was Adopted By Mistake

Woman Has Tear-Jerking Reunion With Dog Who Was Adopted By Mistake

After a long, agonizing saga of being lost and found, a Shetland Sheepdog has been reunited with its rightful owner. Sharon Robinson had been searching for her missing dog Tipsy since December. By the time she tracked down her pet, Tipsy had already been adopted by a new family. The canine custody battle went viral after Robinson posted photos of her dog, and her plight, on Facebook. The adoptees had a change of heart and returned Tipsy to shelter administrators, who brought Tipsy home.

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2:48 Little Boy w Down's Syndrome & His Dog - Unconditional Love of Man's Best Friend