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St. Petersburg, Russia's former capital, is Europe's 3rd largest city. I spent a few days there checking out the fantastic art collections and museums the city has to offer. The town is massive and I didn't get to see everything I wanted to.

In the film I show inside the winter palace, the most beautiful church i've ever seen plus some interactions with some nice Russian girls on their way to a disco.

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14:26 St. Petersburg Apartment

St. Petersburg Apartment


ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: Lately I've been finding some bargain apartments in Russia. This flat however was by far the best value for money I think I've ever had when renting in any country.

A short 10 min walk away from the most central part of Nevsky Prospect I never expected to find such a steal.

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14:43 Russia. Interesting Facts About Russia.

Russia. Interesting Facts About Russia.

Lets take a virtual trip to the coldest and largest country in the world — Russia!

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0:5 Vietnam Police Woman Have Impossible Job!

Vietnam Police Woman Have Impossible Job!


■ SAIGON, VIETNAM: Traffic in South-East Asia is horrendous! At least for someone coming from Western Europe or America. I used to think the streets of Bangkok were congested but that was until I got on an Uber motorbike which drove me around downtown Saigon.

With more motorbikes than there are people, no wonder the traffic police have an impossible job: make people respect a red light! After driving around I had a little chat with two police officer about the situation. See their reaction plus more in today's episode from the congested streets of Ho Chi Minh.

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3:48 Thais Don't Like Foreigners Who ...

Thais Don't Like Foreigners Who ...


■ BANGKOK, THAILAND: Within a week of touching down in Thailand you'll no doubt have met countless Westerners who've bragged of either living there or having visited 30 times over the past decade. This *I LIVE HERE CROWD* will often try to misinform you about Thai culture. They'll have a long list of do's and don'ts. A frequent feature on their *don't* list is: you should not learn to speak Thai. Thais don't like foreigners who can speak Thai they say. So is this true?

Opening scene full film:
Last scene full film:

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10:5 Top 10 Richest European Countries 2017 | Richest Countries in Europe

Top 10 Richest European Countries 2017 | Richest Countries in Europe

Top 10 Richest European Countries 2017 | Richest Countries in Europe
Here is a list of richest European countries in the world that have highest GDP in the continent in ascending order:
10. Netherlands:
9. San Marino:
8. Sweden:
7. Ireland:
6. Denmark:
5. Switzerland:
4. Norway:
3. Liechtenstein:
2. Monaco:
1. Luxembourg:
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7:6 Scammed in India: The Delhi Drink Scam

Scammed in India: The Delhi Drink Scam

■ INDIA, NEW DELHI: First night out in India and already fell for a scam. After failing to find a street stall to drink at we enlisted a rickshaw driver to take us to one. He dropped us off in a surreal area where we spotted a street stall with goats tethered to a railing. The owner waved us in and his customers encouraged us to join them. Awesome we thought and sat down. After a minute however I quickly realized that all wasn’t as it seemed... I’d been scammed!

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38:26 How Do Thai Farmers Live? 🇹🇭

How Do Thai Farmers Live? 🇹🇭


00:28 #MillionaireLiving
00:44 The Hunt Is On
02:54 Shiny & New!
03:18 Golden Temple of Nan
04:06 Accident
04:10 First Mountain of the Day
06:19 Amazing Lush Green Rainforest!!!
08:10 Taken Under By The Current
11:20 Pineapple Farmers Loading Their Trucks
13:51 Picturesque Scenery
14:46 Stumbling Upon Golden Buddhas
15:32 Beer After 9 Hours
15:52 How Rubber Is Tapped
18:07 Thai Business Man
18:36 Loei Farm Tour
20:59 Pink Thai Fruit
23:30 Thai Berry Plantation
30:40 How Rubber Is Made
37:29 Thai Security System

Day 10 of my tour of Thailand by motorbike. I leave Nan to trail along the border with Laos, over mountains, waterfalls and through pineapple farms to Loei. I take the longest route possible and spend 9 hours driving until it gets pitch black. I don't arrive at the rubber farm before after sunset.

Intro: TeknoAXE — Technopop7_b

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26:10 The mule women of Melilla on the border of Spain and Morocco | DW Documentary

The mule women of Melilla on the border of Spain and Morocco | DW Documentary

The Spanish semi-enclave of Melilla lives from the trade of second-hand goods. On the shoulders of Moroccan women, goods cross Europe's southernmost border.

It’s a lucrative business for the traders, but inhumane work for the carriers. Europe's southernmost border runs around Melilla on North Africa’s Mediterranean coast. The city of Melilla and sister city Ceuta both share a border with Morocco and attract traders and workers who cross the border every day to earn a living. For centuries Melilla, which separates Spain from Morocco, was a Spanish colony on African soil. After Morocco gained independence Melilla remained Spanish, but even today the enclave is not recognized by the Kingdom of Morocco. Moroccan citizens can take parcels weighing up to 70 kilos through the Barrio Chino border crossing as duty-free "hand luggage" almost unchecked. Melilla is part of Spain, but doesn’t belong to the European Customs Union. The duty-free transport of goods is actually illegal, but it is tolerated as long as only hand luggage is involved — irrespective of the weight. Nora El Koukhou is one of the human mules who cart the heavy goods across the border between Spain and Morocco on their backs or on skateboards. As long as the goods are in contact with their bodies, they remain tax and duty-free. It’s a perfidious but very lucrative business for the traders and one of Melilla’s most important sources of income. But the workers — including more and more young people, as well as the old and the sick — hardly profit from this at all. They work under precarious conditions, and if the border crossings close unexpectedly early, goods traffic backs up. Carriers like Nora struggle to survive, and merchants like Mohammed Abdelkader are stuck with their goods. At the interface between Africa and Europe, the fences are getting higher and higher, but the police cannot stop the informal trade in Melilla. The border patrol force monitors the goods traffic on the border between Spain and Morocco. The documentary follows Moroccan "mule" Nora to the Barrio Chino crossing and observes the complex schemes taking place on Europe's southernmost border.

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14:1 GERMANY, MUNICH: Historical Walk

GERMANY, MUNICH: Historical Walk


■ MUNICH, GERMANY: Although most Germans would rather be without the events that took place on its soil in the early 20th century, scientists have yet to come up with a machine that erases history. Until they do, Munich, the Bavarian capital, will be forever remembered as the city were Hitler kicked off his political career and gave birth to the NSDAP.

It was in the streets of Munich that his brownshirts battled it out with Communists street by street. It was here that he perfected his oratorical skills and ability to sway the masses. It was here that his party gained a significant following before the rest of Germany followed suit. It was also here that Hitler's infamous beer hall putsch failed.

I could go on but the point has been made. The historical sights where this all went down still stand today. For the keen student of history then a trip to Munich should not just include visits to the Olympic park, BMW welt and the Bavarian palaces but also a walk to see where it all went wrong for Germany in the early 1920s.

Part II & III:
■ Where it continued:
■ Where it ended:

Films like this about history and freedom will never garner the same views as footage from clubs and beaches. I do however find them more enjoyable to make and believe they're more valuable in the grand scheme of things. If you like these type of films please let me know in the comment section.

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