Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Январь 13, 2016

Andrew D. Pearson and Gabriel Guzman bring you the story of Brooklyn's own boxing champion, Zacahry "Zungry" Ochoa.

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8:35 Mad Stuff With Rob - How To Make A DIY 3D Christmas Shadow Box Card

Mad Stuff With Rob - How To Make A DIY 3D Christmas Shadow Box Card

Merry Christmas everyone :) Hope you have a fun filled one with a lot of candy and good music. It's Christmas time and time for some DIY. We give our friends and loved ones cards all the time. This 3D Christmas Shadow card works as a perfect gift when you want to wish someone, or it also makes for a perfect show piece which can go right besides your beautiful Christmas tree at home.

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6:11 How to Build a Shadow-Box

How to Build a Shadow-Box

My photo appeared on an admission ticket to a Minor League Baseball game. How cool is that?! I created some shadow-boxes for myself and two friends who also appear on the photo.

Printed on the back of the frame are all the awesome things Tom the Beer Man says when he's soliciting fans to buy beer during the game:
“Hey, cold Beer here!”
“... just like Mom used to make!”
“... buy one get none free.”
“Cold water...... freshly squeezed from the Susquehanna!”

Thank you Harrisburg Senators for using my photo!

Also, I often have extra tickets. If you want to catch a game with me and you're in the Harrisburg area, let me know!

Harrisburg Senators home schedule:

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Sticker swap: Send me your sticker and I'll mail you mine!
Matt Haas, PO Box 571, Enola PA 17025
More info about stickers:

Thanks internet!

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24:16 Lightbox art DIY shadowbox

Lightbox art DIY shadowbox

Learn how to create a landscape within a lightbox.

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24:31 Making A Special Shadow Box

Making A Special Shadow Box

Not too long ago I was contacted by a young viewer on the A Simple Design of Ocala Facebook Page. Ryan Dellucky of Ponchatoula, Louisiana reached out and asked if I would be willing to donate a badge case or display case. When I asked him what it was for he told me about his grandfather.
As Ryan stated, "My Grandfather at age 80 sadly passed away monday night and he was in a vol. fire dept. and he worked for The Times Picayune. He also climbed last year a 110 story building at the age 79 for 9/11 in panama city beach".
He continued to tell me, "This year for the climb they are renaming a plaque that he was awarded last year for being the oldest to climb. They are renaming it the William Ayres Memorial trophy in his honer".
Now what Ryan wants to be able to do is display his grandfather's photo along with a rank ribbon and his fire department badge. After getting to know Ryan a bit more and talking with him, I had absolutely no problem making this shadowbox for him to display his grandfather's memorabilia. — Website — Follow me on Twitter — Like Me on Facebook — Support A Simple Design of Ocala — Shop Talk Woodworker's Forum

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11:18 Build your own Standard Military Shadowbox  DIY

Build your own Standard Military Shadowbox DIY

In this video I will create two standard shadow boxes. One will be made of Oak and the other of Mahogany. I will be placing a cutlass through the Mahogany box so the size will differ just a bit. (21x21x3.5) These are easy to make and are a fraction of the cost if you buy one from the store. I will only show the making of the Oak box unless there is a difference in the process. Thanks for watching.

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17:29 Tutorial : Shadow Box  Using 12 x 12  Card Stock

Tutorial : Shadow Box Using 12 x 12 Card Stock

How to make a Shadow Box Frame from 12 x 12 card stock or DSP. Leave it at 12 x 12 or cut to 11 x 11 inches, scoring is the same for both sizes
Score on all four sides at 3/4, 1 1/2, 2 1/4, and 3 inches. After all four sides are scored add two additional score lines, both are only until they meet the second score line. Pick a side on the left hand side add 3/4 ", thereby scoring at 3 3/4. onto the right hand side, to add an additional 3/4 " score line. This would be towards the centre of the paper and only until this new score line meets the second score line.If the paper is 12 x 12, the second line is at 8 1/4, 11 x 11 paper 7 1/4. Rotate 180 and repeat. Please view the video for details on cutting and assembly. Thank you for watching!

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5:48 Learn How to Shadowbox for Boxing, MMA, and Street Fighting

Learn How to Shadowbox for Boxing, MMA, and Street Fighting

In this video I teach how to properly shadowbox for different combat sports or if you're just looking for a good workout. Shadowboxing is pretty much the best way to practice how to fight and how to get ready for a fight. Some key points when shadow boxing are: keep it realistic to a real fight, stay active, keep your hands up & chin tucked, and focus on perfecting your technique!

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Remember to imagine your opponent in front of you when practicing your footwork, boxing punch combos, Muay Thai knees, kicks, and other MMA techniques. Also, it's not only about throwing a ton of punches, but focusing on good movement and defense, proper breathing, and strategy.

Get your own fighTIPS shirts►

You can shadow box before and/or after any workout. It is a great way to get physically and mentally warmed up for a full body workout. Fit in at least 3 rounds with your shadowboxing!

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7:46 Ⓕ How To Make A Shadow Box (ep59)

Ⓕ How To Make A Shadow Box (ep59)

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Music: Kevin MacLeod ( "Son Of A Rocket"

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8:40 how to make a shadow box. a great diy woodworking project

how to make a shadow box. a great diy woodworking project

how to make a shadow box. a great weekend diy woodworking project for any skill level. I got the inspiration for this project from steve ramsey. I decided not to put a mirror in mine but yours would look great either way! thanks for watching and please dont forget to like, comment and subscribe!

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Music credits

Please watch: "how to build a shoe rack"

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6:7 Inspired By Pinterest: Shadow Box Frames

Inspired By Pinterest: Shadow Box Frames

Join Lori Allred ( as she shares how to create a variety of "Shadow Box" projects. And the unique, double glass shadow box frame is sure to be the next big thing in home decor crafts. Be sure to follow Lori on Pinterest for other inspiring ideas:

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