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Январь 29, 2016

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8:49 Top 9 Hi Tech Toys & Gadgets For Kids

Top 9 Hi Tech Toys & Gadgets For Kids

Read more about :
Sphero 2.0
Nabi 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 7.0

We have here 9 gadgets that provide a new form of interaction for the younger generation. Some of them are created to help your child pick up a new programming language, others, essential problem-solving skills. These smart toys are very different from the toys today's adults grew up in but if you are a parent who want to give your child a headstart in technology, these may be the gadgets that can help.

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14:31 25 High-Tech Toys for Kids and Best Educational Gadgets

25 High-Tech Toys for Kids and Best Educational Gadgets

Modern-day youth get to live in the information society and parents have to do their best in order to prepare their children for the life in dynamically changing environment.

High tech inventions have become a vital part of our daily life, so they should also be a part of education process. Learning in a form of a game has always been the best tool for children and there are several great examples how modern technology is used in this sphere.

We have put together a list of the most incredible toys and gadgets for kids and teenagers, which will make them smarter, teach them programming, robotics and other vital skills, which will be required in the nearest future (in order to prepare this video presentation we have taken the info and materials from official manufacturer websites, all content is provided for educational purposes only and all credits are given in the end of the video):
— Spin Master Meccanoid G15 KS; — Mattel View-Master; — Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio; — Bloxels video game programming kit; — Compose Yourself music toy; — Hexbug by Vex Robotics; — Pinblock Freestyle; — MudWatt science kit; — Tag – system for teaching reading; — OWI Solar Robot Kit; — Sphero 2.0 robotic ball; — Primo toy for learning programming logic; — Kano coding kit; — Lego Mindstorms EV3; — Osmo game; — Mesh Tags; — Google Expedition with the help of Cardboard; — MakerBot PrintShop app; — TinkerBots; — Smart dinosaur by CogniToys; — Lumo Play system; — Interactive coloring book by Disney; — Kibo Robot; — Linkitz; — Dash and Dot.

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1:44 Tech toys and gadgets under $50

Tech toys and gadgets under $50

These tech buys won't break the bank. From a Chromecast to the Amazon Fire tablet, all these gadgets come in under $50 making them perfect stocking stuffers.

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5:8 Top 5 - Smart Toys & Gadgets For Kids

Top 5 - Smart Toys & Gadgets For Kids

Subscribe now — New videos everyday — Kids are becoming smarter everyday and their kids too, Welcome to Qubimaxima, and today we're counting down our picks for the top five smartest toys and gadgets for your kids.
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0:2 Top 10 Coolest Tech Toys and Gadgets in 2016

Top 10 Coolest Tech Toys and Gadgets in 2016

Top 10 Coolest Tech Toys and Gadgets in 2016

Truly 2014 was a year of tech inventions and revolutions, but this New Year is not at all behind. During 2015, we have got the chance to enjoy with numerous exciting and lovely tech gadgets; still the year is continued so we can expect a lot more to come.. But still I have managed to pen my thoughts and observations for our readers. So here is the list of top 10 coolest tech toys and gadgets in 2016.

10. Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon is credited for bringing this interesting and useful Kindle Fire HDX for tech lovers. This super stunning tablet is highly featured up and the outlook is well attractive.

9. Solar Robot Kit
Its time for us to say a permanent good bye to the batteries as the solar energy has taken their place. We, nowadays, have some very amazing tech devices and toys which work well without batteries.

8. PS Vita TV
PS Vita TV is a Japanese creation. This television is styled well and featured highly, so can be a better replacement of any ordinary home-theater.

7. Leap-Reader Pen
This tech pen is quite useful for both teachers and children. With this digital and amazingly featured pen, the kids can learn to write strokes-by-strokes and other interesting things.

6. iPhone 5s
iPhone series is one of the most famous, leading and well versed mobile series in the world. iPhone 5s, for me, is a handset of dreams.

5. Nano-Falcon Helicopter
Nothing can be a better tech toy for your kids than this Nano-Falcon helicopter. This remote-controlled helicopter is sized tiny and weighs only 11 grams.

4. Pebble Smartwatch
Wearing a tech-oriented smartwatch is always a dream of tech gadget lovers. Pebble Smartwatch has boomed the markets and it won’t be wrong to say that it one of the most desirable and lovely wearable techs.

3. LG Lifeband Touch
The purpose of LG to create and develop this lifeband touch was to flood the market with some real-life effective wearables. I

2. Leap-Motion Controller
This tiny yet effective USB has been made for the users who have a lot of to keep saved with them on a daily basis.

1. Sparkup Magical Book Reader
The children who love reading colorful books should be given with this Sparkup Magical Book Reader.

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21:1 7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have!

7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have!

7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have in 2017!
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BlueCarbon: Bluetooth cellphone calls recorder:
B.One Home Automation Hub:
The Defender: Smart Personal Protection:

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4:39 5 AWESOME Kids Tech Toys on Amazon

5 AWESOME Kids Tech Toys on Amazon

5 AWESOME Kids Tech Toys on Amazon
[See More]

*** List of Kids Tech Toys on Amazon ***
5 – R.E.V.
4 – Jimu
3 – Osmo
2 – Cozmo
1 – PowerUp FPV

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5 AWESOME Kids Tech Toys on Amazon

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11:32 5 Amazing Toys & Gadgets For Kids

5 Amazing Toys & Gadgets For Kids

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5 Amazing Toys & Gadgets For Kids

01- Octopus:
02- ROKduino:
03- Miraffe :
04- IronBot:
05- Gululu :

01-Octopus, icon-based watch that kids can read & understand!
The first icon-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time. It's a watch, it's a scheduler, it's an assistant.
02- ROKduino: Buildable Robotics & Coding for Children!
Design, build and code your own custom robots. Children of all ages can bring their robotic ideas to life!
03- Miraffe, the smartest playmate for kids
Meet Miraffe, the world’s best all-knowing magic mirror
We've re-invented the mobile office.
04-IronBot: The Kid Next Door- Kid's Mate
A 3-in-1 educational robot kit for kids age 8 and up. Learning STEM and robotics in a fun way
05-Gululu | the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated
The Gululu Interactive Bottle gives life to virtual pets to help kids drink water, and informs parents through a cloud-based app.

5 Amazing Computer Gadgets you should buy
5 Inventions To Make Your Traveling So Much Easier
5 Amazing Inventions You Need to See to Believe #7
5 Cool New Inventions You Need To See

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2:44 Top Tech Toys for Kids | Consumer Reports

Top Tech Toys for Kids | Consumer Reports

If you’re looking for cool tech gifts and gadgets for the kids, check out Consumer Reports top toy picks.
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There are interactive robots, great learning toys, and all are good old-fashioned fun. There’s never been a better time to be a kid. The Sphero BB-8, Osmo Gaming, Kano Computer Kit, Cleverkeet, Powerup, Skeye Pico Drone, Follow Us on Social:
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5:17 5 Amazing Gadgets And Toys Every Grown Man Wants

5 Amazing Gadgets And Toys Every Grown Man Wants

5 Amazing Gadgets and Toys Every Grown Man Wants
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10 Futuristic Inventions You Can Buy Online...
New video of all the best new inventions, awesome inventions and amazing technology in 2015. The New tech inventions in this video can be bought and are available today
— Lightsaber :
Manuka Gyroscope
Bottle Rocket Launcher
UGears Models
The ForeverSpin
Delorean Time Machine

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