I am a Timelapser

I am a Timelapser

Май 23, 2016

I am a Timelapser.

I've been creating timelapse since 2013 and I am still in love with the process of making it.

I mostly shoot timelapse as stock videos and sell them to clients. Apart from that, I do create timelapses for commercial or corporate clients.
I use Nikon D800 as my main tool for making these clips. On the side, I also use Sony RX100 iv and Olympus OMD as my backups or second bodies.

For post processing, I use Adobe Lightroom, LRTimelapse — http://lrtimelapse.com/?ap_id=hafizismail — and Adobe After Effects occasionally.
My timelapse clips are available for licensing. Please contact me at www.imagesbyhafiz.com for inquiry.

If you are interested to learn how to make your own timelapse in English or Bahasa Malaysia, please head to http://www.hafizismail.com/product/jom-belajar-time-lapse/ for more details.

Music by https://soundcloud.com/whencornattacks

© 2016 Hafiz Ismail c.c.i.g
Accredited Commercial Photographer with the Government of Malaysia.

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0:51 Youtube Banner | TimeLapse

Youtube Banner | TimeLapse

This is a time lapse of the creation of my very simple banner that I am going to be using on my channel for the time being.

If you have any other ideas of what I could TimeLapse in the future. Please comment down below.

Thanks, Mordare

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1:11 TV Shows Wallpaper | The Gathering | TimeLapser

TV Shows Wallpaper | The Gathering | TimeLapser

This is my rather simple and lengthy process time lapse of finding and downloading all of the PNG files that I am going to use in a later project!!

Stick around for the final making!

Thanks, MykroMordare

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3:22 Drawing time lapse: a bag of M&M's - hyperrealistic art

Drawing time lapse: a bag of M&M's - hyperrealistic art

Support my art and get rewards: https://www.patreon.com/marcellobarenghi
3D drawing of a bag of M&M's by Marcello Barenghi — Italian Art http://www.marcellobarenghi.com
➜ SUBSCRIBE YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/marcellobarenghi?sub_confirmation=1
➜ PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS so you never miss a drawing :) info: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/3382248?hl=en
Support my FACEBOOK page:
https://www.facebook.com/MarcelloBarenghi :)
https://plus.google.com/ marcellobarenghi
"How About It" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
I also used my old airbrush for doing some shadows

4 hours and 45 minutes

Hyperrealistic drawing of a bag of MMS, mixed media on gray paper by Marcello Barenghi — Italian Art.

意大利艺术家Marcello Barenghi 以超写实画作闻名,他是插画家兼平面设计师。
而这些3D 画作需要长时间的绘制,一般需7个小时才能完成一幅作品。

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0:12 Sunset Timelapse 22/05/17

Sunset Timelapse 22/05/17

Hello, I am the sunset timelapser. I upload daily timelapses that I see from my window every day in Lisbon, Portugal.


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0:29 What is coming?

What is coming?

Sorry for not uploading a good timelapse in a long time, I am very busy but I have some awesome things planned...

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3:50 Cities Skylines - Map Editor Timelapse #2

Cities Skylines - Map Editor Timelapse #2

Another map editor timelapse including way more proper highways! (Sorry about last time internet!)
I am quite getting the hang of landscaping, I will probably try to make a serious city on this map.

Map link:
Coming soon!

Kasbo — Again

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3:49 Timelapse: A Year In Nibinamik

Timelapse: A Year In Nibinamik

From Far away in the wildness, where a place called Nibinamik Lake; Summer Beaver Lake (In English.) A small community in the far North of Ontario. Canada. Summer Beaver is a place of beauty. scenery and Lakes, lots of lakes, and also the night starry sky from seeing the milky way and seeing the northern lights during the summer and winter nights.

My name is, Andy Beaver. and I am a photographer and time-lapser for only a year now.

Instagram: andy.r.beaver
Facebook: andy beaver photography.

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0:29 Minecraft Skin Contest!

Minecraft Skin Contest!


First place:
-Skin used in almost all upcoming video's
-Main character in upcoming animation
-Shoutout for YouTube channel

Second and Third place:
-Skins featured in video, including channel name

EVERYONE sending in a skin, can get their skin a chance to be in the animation movie, and if you add your Minecraft In-Game name, and state in the mail that you want that character instead of the sended in skin to play a role, they can have their own skin a role in the movie.

-I am not looking for skins just downloaded from a skin site, it has to be original.
-When you see the skin, you have to see it is Mine Timelapser, not 'one of those minecraft men, it has to be reconizable.
-I must be able to use the skin a long time, it has to be durable.

Everyone can enter as much times as you wish, if you don't spam me with useless things.

I will choose the winning skin, if I can't choose. There will be a finals and voting.

There has to be enough skins to choose from, otherwise the competition will be stopped and the prizes will fade away. Also, if the skin is stolen, you won't be able to win, and the prizes will go to the second place.

By: Approaching Nirvana
Title: Sugar High
iTunes: http://bit.ly/10rZfBG

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3:47 Tristam - Once Again (Free - Lyrics in description)

Tristam - Once Again (Free - Lyrics in description)

Tristam — Once Again

Tristam: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOfficialTristam
Monstercat: http://www.youtube.com/user/MonstercatMedia

Join the Thunderclap to get Monstercat 016 — Expedition for FREE on Wednesday, February 26
Get this track here for free — http://monster.cat/1fGnM8Z
Just link your social account and you will recieve this track and get the album for free, and this track as a bonus.
More details here: http://www.Monstercat.com/expedition


As the sun steps down and escapes the day.
We'll calmly walk away, walk away from the fray.
When structure falls and all else fails.
We will build it once again.

When the colours fade and it turns to grey.
We'll calmly walk away, walk away from the fray.
When structure falls and all else fails.
We will build it once again.

We can climb high, higher than before.
We can stand by, while it burns to the floor.
We cannot fly, we'll build and the wounds will mend.
As we build it once again.

This is a very different video than I normally do. I want to share Monstercat 016 to make you explore more music like this track of the amazing artist Tristam. I am also doing more with After Effects and would like to make a visualizer of a song.
Sorry for the errors in the video, the text effect wasn't looking nice, and there were some other small things that I could've fixed but I wasn't able to re-render it due to a time-sensitive project that had to be rendered right after this video was uploaded.

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