Girls' Talk: How To Bounce Back When Faced With Bad Situation

Girls' Talk: How To Bounce Back When Faced With Bad Situation

Январь 23, 2016

How To Bounce Back When Faced With Bad Situation.

We all have problems. The way we solve them is what makes us different. Have you ever experienced times when you go through just one bad thing after another? When it seems like the world is out to get you? When things go wrong no matter what you do?

You are not alone. Watch this exciting episode to hear some of the ways you can bounce back.

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4:6 theCHIVE's Asking Couch: Pick up lines

theCHIVE's Asking Couch: Pick up lines

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3:41 How to get funding for your business - Part-1

How to get funding for your business - Part-1

How to get funding for your business.
AFOLAC — is an NGO that is making a difference within the African community inCa nada. On this video he is explaining the requirements to get business funding with them.

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5:26 Disowned by family for marrying a black man

Disowned by family for marrying a black man

How much does your family’s approval of your mate matter? For some people it’s a deal breaker. Our guest here relentlessly tried to reason with her family. Watch to see how she does that: An act of bravery, although very sad and pitiful.

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1:46 How to Talk Your Way Out of Anything

How to Talk Your Way Out of Anything

YUMMM Fried Apple Pie Tacos — Learn how to make them here:

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Step 1: Avoid
Avoid conflict. The best way to get out of trouble is to avoid getting into it in the first place.

Step 2: Create a diversion
Create a diversion. If you are faced with a particularly difficult conversation, create a diverse to get out of it. Use compliments, say you have call waiting, or fake bad reception.

Step 3: Confuse
Confuse the person you are talking to by offering too much of an explanation when asked a difficult question. Talk so much, and make the explanation sound so complicated, that the person you are talking to will be sorry they ever asked.

Act as if the person just asked you a very stupid question when over-explaining. Alternately, play dumb yourself!

Step 4: Suggest an alternate truth
Suggest an alternate truth. The next time someone accuses you of something, simply suggest the exact opposite happened. Act surprised that they didn't realize your version of the truth.

Step 5: Check with someone else
State that you have to check with someone else. Talk your way out of a problem by making it somebody else's problem. Defer to a friend, manager, or parent.

Step 6: Lie
Lie, or at the very least be selectively honest. Be convincing when you lie, and keep your story simple, so you can easily remember what you said. Be firm, thoughtful, and always make sure to lie for a good reason.

Did You Know?
According to a 2010 survey by the Science Museum of London, men are bigger liars than women, lying on average three times a day versus two times a day for women.

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5:30 Girlfriends Talk Show with Scarlett Johansson

Girlfriends Talk Show with Scarlett Johansson

Kyra (Cecily Strong) and Morgan (Aidy Bryant) chat with former prom queen Camden (Scarlett Johansson), who shares her tips for not being ratchet at the prom.

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42:9 Night Ripper - Girl Talk (Full Album)

Night Ripper - Girl Talk (Full Album)

Here's the full album of Night Ripper by Girl Talk.
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Girl Talk and Freeway's first single, "Tolerated ft. Wacka Flocka, " will drop March 31st on the Maker Music channel:

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Our guest here is a Canadian born by African parents. He claims he is frustrated in Canada, as such, he wants to move back to Africa to pursue his career. Is our guest unappreciative of life here in Canada? do you think he will make it better in African than in Canada?
Watch this exciting episode and let us know what you think.

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28:30 Girlfriends and Champagne Late Night Talk Show- Episode #3 ( Season #1)

Girlfriends and Champagne Late Night Talk Show- Episode #3 ( Season #1)

The Host Discuss Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, Skin Bleaching and More.

Girlfriends & Champagne is famous for Spa Parties and Gifting Suites that take place during BET and Grammy Weekend in Los Angeles, California which includes a day full of massages, facials, manicures-pedicures and shopping at the Girlfriends and Champagne Spa Party and Gifting Suite. The sip and shop mixer is usually held at an upscale venue that also features an array of gifts, desserts and food. Previous host and guest include Vanessa Simmons, Toya Wright, MiMi Faust, Hazel-E, Torrei Hart, Mehgan James, Elise Neal just to name a few of the lovely ladies that have either hosted or attended the star studded event each year. After successful shows and realizing the bond that was created amongst the women that attended the spa parties and gifting suite, Girlfriends and Champagne Coordinator and Creator Helecia Choyce went into pre-production to create the late night Talk Show "Girlfriends & Champagne".The show was established to bring more awareness to current events and topics pertaining to the entertainment industry. Discussing ideas and sharing opinions and thoughts on certain topics, The series is broadcasting a trial run on independent regional markets beginning September 16, 2016. The series was developed as a talk show to appeal to younger female viewers who like the co-hosts were experiencing new events in their lives. The goal is to establish syndication on a national platform. The panel host include Helecia Choyce, Cherie Johnson, Sidney Starr and Anthony Cherry. The show is being aired on KDOC TV, On Demand and Cable Television as well as online. Discussion Subjects include hot topics lead by Helecia Choyce, shade or no shade lead by Anthony Cherry, current events lead by Cherie Johnson and dear girlfriends lead by Sidney Starr. Controversial topics will include, black lives matter, police brutality, single parenting, transgender discrimination, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and many more topics. The show will have guest appearances starting second season.

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2:53 How to get out of trouble in ANY situation (100% Guaranteed)

How to get out of trouble in ANY situation (100% Guaranteed)

I have come up with a full proof plan to help you get out of trouble in ANY situation. Watch here to learn the crucial information about how to get yourself out of trouble no matter where you are or who you are with. Go ahead, spread the word to your friends about it!

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1:4 SMART Radio 259:Choices

SMART Radio 259:Choices

Join us today for another topic of discussion as we discuss HeR Choices with Faith and Shaz. Women and Girls have the right to their bodies, to be safe, free and to be able to live their dreams on their terms. GirlsTalk today discusses the choices women make, why they make them and why they should be respected PERIOD!. Tune in to SMART Radio 259 to join in the conversation, simply call in and Let's Talk!

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