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ok so i was just editing my latest montage and this huge spider came out, so i sprayed it and killed it, then this fricken alien worm came out of it!!!
Without thinking I uploaded this to my second/side channel just to share it, but I never expected it to go viral!

i swear australia is safe haha thanks for watching! — baskwith

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Music: "this could be the end" — In A Memory

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2:58 Large brutal tarantula kills mouse (Acanthoscurria geniculata)

Large brutal tarantula kills mouse (Acanthoscurria geniculata)

Acanthoscurria geniculata

1841 (Koch)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Theraphosidae
Subfamily: Theraphosinae
Genus: Acanthoscurria

This is my adult tarantula — she is female. Her name is Acanthoscurria geniculata and this species is commonly knows as Brazilian whiteknee tarantula or Whitebanded Tarantula. This one is really big one and I fed her using one mouse. She striked quickly and the mouse had no chance to survive. In this video you can see how this tarantula cought the mouse and then how it looked when she was eating it. It took more than 33 hours to eat the whole mouse. I reccomend you to read everything and consider if you want to see brutal (but natural) process of tarantula's eating.

Music was composed by me using Stage piano Yamaha NP-V80. I own the rights to any music or shots.

Check my profile/channel to find another tarantula or some other interesting and unusual animals/pets.

Hope you enjoyed and more videos coming soon.

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4:44 Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders

Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders
Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders
Looking into our 8 legged friends from around the world. We're looking into the most dangerous/deadliest and most venomous spiders.

Music by:
"Bent and Broken" Kevin MacLeod ( "Dama-May" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

1. Brazilian wandering spider: Phoneutria nigriventer.
2. Six-eyed sand spider: Sicarius hahni.
3. Sydney funnel-web spider: Atrax robustus.
4. Black widow spider: Latrodectus mactans.
5. Redback spider: Latrodectus hasseltii.
6. Brown and Chilean recluse spiders: Loxosceles reclusa (Brown) and Loxosceles laeta (Chilean).
7. Mouse spider: Missulena occatoria.
8. Chinese bird spider: Haplopelma hainanum.
9. Fringed ornamental tarantula: Poecilotheria ornata.
10. Yellow sac spider: Cheiracanthium mildei

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7:36 Wasp Makes a Zombie Spider

Wasp Makes a Zombie Spider

A wasp paralyzes a spider, lays her eggs in the live carcass, digs a hole, then buries him alive for her hatchlings to feed on later.
BTW, Music is B-52's: Roam (Indamix Tekno mix)
[EDIT: Why "zombie"? Because the spider has been turned into a sort of undead arachnid under the wasp's venomous control... It remains alive, but can do nothing but watch as the baby [spiders]... oops, I mean WASPS... hatch in a few days and eat the spider from the inside out. Gotta love that Mother Nature.]

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7:22 How the bees act when they reject the queen new beekeepers don't miss this

How the bees act when they reject the queen new beekeepers don't miss this

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We are now taking deposits for 2019 packages, and nucs. we will ship packages anywhere in the country except Alaska and Hawaii

Please pass this video along to any new beekeeper so they can see how a hive acts when it rejects the new Queen.

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11:4 Things That Turn Animals into ZOMBIES!

Things That Turn Animals into ZOMBIES!

What are some things in nature that turn other animals into zombies?! Did you guys know that there’s a wasp out there that can essentially make a roach whatever it wants it to do?! Or what about a parasitic barnacle that makes crabs do some let’s just call it, interesting things?! Find out about these mind controllers and more in this video!

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Here are a few animals that make actual zombies in nature!

7 — What’s that on your head?
This real life zombie maker takes us to the jungles where a fungus called...I hope I’m saying this right, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, terrorize ants, cockroaches and butterflies. A fungus that invades bodies?! Yup, this exists in nature! But it’s the ants who have an especially difficult time dealing with this. This devious fungus has figured out a way to invade ants’ bodies and take over their minds. Once an infection is underway, the fungus completely takes over. It effectively stops the ant from controlling its limbs. When the fungus infects an ant, it grows through the insect’s body, essentially draining it of nutrients and takes over its mind. The fungus gets the ant to leave the safety of its nest and climb a nearby plant. It stops the ant at around a height of 10 inches, which is the area with the right temperature and humidity for the fungus to grow.
It then forces the ant to permanently lock its mandibles around a leaf! Eventually, it sends a long stalk through the ant’s head, growing into a bulbous capsule full of its spores! This is great because the ant typically climbs a plant that’s close to or overhangs its colony’s foraging trails. That way, the fungal spores rain down onto other ants below, and the process begins again! The worst part? Research has show that the ant is essentially a prisoner in its own body. Its brain is still fully functioning in the driver’s seat, but the fungus is controlling the wheel! Before we go on to the next zombie making animal, do us a favor and hit the like button, right here!

6 — Let’s see check out those birds
If it were easier to pronounce, Leucochloridium would make a great subject for a horror film. Not only does it sound ominous, but it’s actually a terrifying part of Mother Nature. This parasitic worm is a snail’s worst nightmare. Here’s how the entire bizarre sequence plays out. The worm invades a snail through its eyestalks. It then proceeds to pulsate the snail’s stalks as crazy as that sounds, making the snail’s eyes seem like they’re caterpillars. The worm then gets the snail to go out into the open where birds swoop down and pluck out the snail’s eyeballs! What! This horrendous process is called Aggressive Mimicry in nature, and it would kind of be like if an alien invaded one of us, made us disguise ourselves as a Zebra and just walk towards a pride of lions. Anyways, once inside the bird’s digestive system, the worm breeds in its guts. Its eggs are eventually crapped out of the bird, and eaten by another snail who didn’t seem to notice that his friends have been acting a bit like zombies lately. Unfortunately, this isn’t the worst thing to happen on this list!

5 — Crab’s worst nightmare?
Hold on, barnacles can turn things into zombies too?! Well…...okayyyy. Apparently sacculina is a body snatching barnacle that takes over crabs! They absorb their nutrition for themselves, impairing the crab’s growth, all while using the crab’s shell for protection. And oh yeah. One more thing. They also make these crabs infertile! Sacculina belongs to a class of parasites known as parasitic castrators, which actually isn’t as bad than it sounds. Technically, that term just describes any parasite that blocks the reproductive function of its host for their own selfish gain. So how do these barnacles infest a crab host? The sacculina larva finds a crab and looks for a joint to literally inject themselves into the crab. The Sacculina grows in the crab and then emerges as a sac on the underside of the crab's rear thorax! Does this sound like Aliens yet?

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2:57 9 Ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

9 Ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

Shark eaten by Megalodon? A giant unknown sea creature ate a 9 foot shark. The 3 meter shark alpha was suddenly taken under by some sea animal.

At 4am on Christmas Eve a tagged shark was eaten by a massive unknown sea creature

-What Happened?
-Why it's Mysterious?
-And what are the Plausible Explainations?

-What Happened?

Documentary Filmmaker Dave Riggs and his crew, who tagged a large number of great white sharks off the coasts of Bremer Bay in Australia, encountered something very unusual.

One of the tags of a large shark was discovered washed up on shore.

The tag had no signs of algae, but instead appeared to have been heavily bleach by stomach acid.

Using satellite tracking, they were able to pin point the exact time the shark was mysterious attacked and eaten.

-Why this is mysterious

This is mysterious for 2 reasons

1.) The data showed the tag taking a sudden 1902 foot drop down the continental shelf which indicated that the shark had just become prey to something big and very fast.

2.) After further examination, it was revealed that the tag had been ingested by an animal with an internal temperate of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees higher than
than the great white's normal temperature.

-Plausible Explainations?

Some people suggested that it could have been an orca, they are certainly large enough, with the biggest on record being 32 feet long and they have been known to hunt
great white sharks, however, the problem with this theory is that killer whales generally stay near the surface and the deepest an orca has ever been recorded was 850 feet
while this unknown creature was nearly 2, 000 feet deep.

Another theory was that the tag may have somehow been removed from the shark. However, the trouble with this explanation is that
great white sharks body temperature is significantly warmer than the surrounding water, so if the tag had been removed the tracker would have to have picked up a sudden drop in temperature, which
which, it did not.

So could another larger great white shark have been the culprit? Not likely because of the temperate shift.

The temperate of the tag while in the muscle tissue is about 8 degrees warmer than the cold ocean water.
-Recorded Tag Temperature 46F
-Water Temperature 38F
The temperature of a great white shark's belly will range between 13-25 degrees warmer than the surrounding waters.

So this would indicate a temperature between 52 degrees with a maximum of 64 degrees.
The temperature of whatever unknown sea animal that ate the tagged shark was at 78 degrees.

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2:46 Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

An incredible metal structure is made by pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant colony. The resulting cast is huge, weighing 17.9 lbs. and reaching a depth of 18 inches.

Support Anthill Art by donating at Patreon. Any donation amount, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve the quality and content of the channel.

These are the red imported fire ants (RIFA) which are harmful to the environment and their nests are exterminated by the millions in the United States using poisons, gasoline and fire, boiling water, and very rarely molten aluminum.

From Wikipedia: "Researchers have also been experimenting with extreme temperature change to exterminate RIFAs [red imported fire ants], such as injecting liquid nitrogen or pressurized steam into RIFA nests. Besides using hot steam, pouring boiling water into ant mounds has been found effective in exterminating their nests."

I did a casual survey and found that I have at least 120 of these colonies within an area of approximately three acres.

See detailed pictures of the resulting cast on the Anthill Art website at

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8:6 Tarantula Hawk vs Tarantula

Tarantula Hawk vs Tarantula

Watch a Tarantula Hawk repeatedly sting and paralyze a Tarantula. Learn lots of interesting facts about Tarantula Hawks in the Sonoran Desert!

Disclaimer: This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or call 44 121 616 1100 / 1 646 380 1615

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7:56 CRAZIEST Animal Fights   Caught On Camera  TOP 10

CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera TOP 10

Craziest Animal fights caught on camera. Top 10 list of animals caught on camera.

10 MOST DANGEROUS Roads In The World:
10 MOST DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations:

From ferocious felines to colossal crocodiles, predator vs predator, prey vs prey, these are the 10 craziest animal fights caught on camera.

10 Jaguar vs Crocodile
In our opening salvo it's a match up between a jaguar and a crocodile.
A beautiful jaguar patiently watches the river water and upon seeing an opening takes action and leaps into the water headfirst. A questionable move because there's nothing more dangerous than a crocodile in shallow water or near the shoreline.
But moments later the jaguar appears out of the water with the crocodile head clenched between its jaws.
Amazingly, the jaguar then carries the jaguar up the steep bank and disappears into the brush to enjoy its dinner in meal in quiet.
As they say, the universe rewards those who take action

09 giant Anaconda vs Crocodile
Next up on our list of most amazing animal fights is Giant Anaconda vs Crocodile. we have an anaconda minding his own business just slowly wading down the river when much to his surprise, that swimming piece of wood was in fact a massive crocodile.
The battle is short primarily because the crocodile struck at just ther right place, the anaconda's neck and head.
One screw up and that crazy croc could have ended up like this guy.

08 Buffalo vs Lions
Up next Buffalo vs lions. Our scene opens up with a herd of buffalo minding their own business. Unbeknownst to them, we have a few sneaky cats doing their best to blend in with their surroundings. It works for awhile when the leader of the herd stops and realizes what's going on.
The jig is up and the lions move in for an all you can eat buffalo burger buffet.
One of the buffalo makes the mistake of heading into the water where the lions quickly gang up on the poor creature.
While attempting to enjoy their meal, the herd decides to band together and scare the pride off if for no other reason than to ensure that their fallen comrade gets a decent burial rather than be an appetizer.
In the end the buffalo win and scare off the lions.

07 Giraffe vs Lion
Up next we have a giraffe vs a lioness. The lioness springs into action and attempts to take Geoffrey from Toys R Us down, but ol' Geoffrey has other plans. Using those long legs for something other than just modeling, the giraffe sends the lioness tumbling and to add insult to injury gives her a good ol' head stomping in the process.

06 Mongoose vs Cobra
In this video of a mongoose vs a Cobra, we see a mongoose chasing the king of the snakes down into the middle of the street and laying a riki tiki tavi smackdown on it.
As you can see due to its agility, thick coat it takes the snake down with ease. The mongoose gets bonus points for being immune to snake venom.

05 Lion vs Hyena
In our next video of crazy animal fights caught on camera, we have lion vs hyena. Lions and hyenas are natural enemies because they fight over the same ground and same food source.
While Lions look regal, hyenas look a bit sketchy kind of like that guy muttering to himself on the corner that you avoid eye contact with.

04 Shark vs Octopus
In our next match-up, We have Shark vs Octopus.
This one just happened to occur in an aquarium in front of a number of terrified onlookers. Time to teach those kids about the circle of life right?
Our contestant in the red corner is a giant pacific octopous, our contestant in the blue corner is a spiny dogfish shark.

03 Snake vs Eagle
We're getting closer to number one on our list of most amazing animal fights caught on camera.
In our next crazy animal fight nature pit together air vs ground in this video of an eagle vs a snake.

02J aguar vs Crocodile
Its a rematch in this video with another jaguar and crocodile going at it. This frisky feline didn't walk up and start screaming come at me bro, but instead took the stealthy route of crossing the river downstream and then sneaking up to a bank just opposite the sand bar that the crocodile was getting some sun.

01 Tiger vs Lion
And here we are at the main event, its two of the biggest cats on earth somehow finding themselves in the same area.
Tigers and lions do not exist anywhere together on earth so I'm not sure why they are here together in this video.

A lion has a bite strength of about 691 pounds per square inch a tiger a whopping 950 pounds per square inch. With that information alone you would think the tiger would win.

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2:39 Blood Worms Bite

Blood Worms Bite

Blood Worms Bite

PLEASE keep your post clean.

What you need to know if you never used them before. I use them for fishing.

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