Yacht On Fire - Princess 95 QUEEN ANNA in Fethiye

Yacht On Fire - Princess 95 QUEEN ANNA in Fethiye

Январь 21, 2016


Yacht On Fire — Princess 95 (2009) QUEEN ANNA
Fire started at mid day January 21 in Ege Saray marina in Fethiye Turkey.
Fire also caught in the neighbour yacht Natalie. but the crew manage to take control and extinguish.

The person seen on the bow is the captain Vladimir Lopat which later have been taken to hospital due to smoke inhaling. No risk to his life!

Queen Anna was towed away from her pontoon by a small tender to clear the risk for other yachts. later she was towed to shallow water just outside the marina and sank during the night between January 21-22
The reason why fire started are still under investigation.

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3:15 Massive Yacht Fire Caught by Drone

Massive Yacht Fire Caught by Drone

This drone pilot launches his quadcopter to witness a massive yacht fire. This is how millions of dollars can go up in flames!
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2:30 Super Yacht FIRE Super Rich Passengers Crew Escape Luxury Yacht Sinks in High Seas

Super Yacht FIRE Super Rich Passengers Crew Escape Luxury Yacht Sinks in High Seas

Super Yacht FIRE Super Rich Passengers Crew Escape Luxury Yacht Sinks in High Seas. On the final day of a dream holiday guests aboard a luxury superyacht sailing off Queensland were jolted awake by crew yelling "fire, fire, fire". Eight passengers and eight crew were aboard the 41 metre superyacht Seafaris when it caught fire and exploded before sinking off Cape Tribulation, north of Cairns, about 6am (AEST) on Thursday.
An older passenger said the guests were asleep when the alarm was raised."One of the crew knocked on the door and said `fire, fire, fire', " the man told reporters in Cairns. "We just got organised and got in the raft in the water." The group boarded life rafts and were rescued by a passing container ship that responded to a distress call. The flaming superyacht Seafaris. They were then transferred to two smaller boats before being taken to the Cairns marina about noon.
The captain of the container ship says he heard at least two explosions on the yacht, which burnt for about two hours before sinking. A Cairns coastguard radio operator says everything happened so fast that lifeguards weren't able to reach the Seafaris. "It all happened that bloody quick, " he told AAP.
"We heard about it on the wireless and about 30 seconds later it had sunk." No one on board was seriously hurt, although two passengers were checked by paramedics. One of the superyachts Seafari offers for charter. (Seafari) Harbour pilot Glen Alitt, who brought the survivors into Cairns, said none of the survivors were very talkative.
"I think they're all in a bit of shock, " he said. "They're really lucky the weather conditions are really good." The McCloy Group, who own the vessel, released a statement saying the fire started in the yacht's engine room. Jeff McCloy was expected to meet with the captain, crew and guests in Cairns on Thursday. A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said work to salvage the boat would begin later this week and an investigation would be carried out. Australian Maritime Safety Authority officers have collected debris from the boat and blasted a light sheen of diesel coming from the wreckage with fire hoses.
The Seafaris, which costs about $120, 000 a week to hire, was used for luxury charters for high end tourists along the Queensland coast. The yacht was equipped with a gym, library, cinema, spa, cocktail bar and had five passenger cabins.

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1:54 Super Yachts Barbie and The One totally Burnt and in risk of sinking

Super Yachts Barbie and The One totally Burnt and in risk of sinking

Location: Marmaris Yacht Marine marina (Yalanci Boaz) Fire started at approx. 02:00 January 4 2016 onboard M/Y The One (New name Catherina VI) 73 m Steel Aluminum 1973 by Lurssen Yachts.
Later after about 30 minutes the fire caught on the neighbor yacht – Barbie 52 m / GRP / 2006 built in Dubai by Al Jadaf shipyard in 2006
Weather condition: strong east southerly winds about 35 knots with heavy rains.
The other neighboring yachts at the marina escape outside and rest on anchor.
Contact me:
Yacht Marine Ltd
Eliad Hagiladi

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1:51 Luxury Boat on Fire in Melbourne

Luxury Boat on Fire in Melbourne

A $2 Million Luxury boat went on fire on 21/3/2012 in Docklands, Melbourne. Fire fighters are trying hard to control this fire, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Lolz!
There were no causalities and no one was injured in this accident.

This video makes an international news, mentioned in Motor Boat Monthly website of UK.


Another international news website has embedded this video in Solvakia, Europe.


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On other UK based website


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James Bond's Super-Yacht MY 'Casino Royale' docking in Bahamas!

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2:3 Breaking News: PRINCESS Yacht On Fire! Azimut's Dusseldorf Line Up, New Ultraskiff & much more

Breaking News: PRINCESS Yacht On Fire! Azimut's Dusseldorf Line Up, New Ultraskiff & much more

Headlines: Princess yacht on fire in Turkey, Azimut’s line up at Dusseldorf, new saucer shaped boat & more information on project sea hawk superyacht concept.

It’s January 21st and this is Morgane with your daily marine news

This video shows Queen Ann — a Princess 95 superyacht — being towed away from other yachts in Turkey, whilst being engulfed in flames. The fire also spread to a neighbouring yacht, but her crew were quick to act and fortunately extinguished the flames before they could cause irreparable damage. Queen Ann has been towed to a clear pontoon at the north side of the marina. It is currently unclear as to what started the fire and the extent of the damage on board. Very sad day for the owner.

Azimut revealed its complete line-up for the 2016 Boot Dusseldorf Boat Show, which opens its doors Friday. Among the boats on display will be the Azimut 77S, Atlantis 43, Azimut 50 Fly and Magellano 43, highlighting the Azimut 66 Fly, which will make its world premiere.

A new saucer-shaped plastic boat is being touted as the ultimate fishing vessel. The battery-operated Ultraskiff features a 360-degree central swivel seat — allowing riders to 'pivot and cast with unbelievable ease' — storage compartments with lids that double up as chopping boards and six rod holders.

With the Project Sea Hawk superyacht concept, the London-based design firm Hawk Yachts aims to create a superyacht that is not only big in size, but substance as well. The 338-foot yacht concept has been engineered as a true luxury expedition craft—equally comfortable cruising near the polar ice caps or on the Amazon River. Its massive interior could accommodate as many as 36 guests and 62 crew.

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Boat Fire & Explosions on 40 Foot Yacht!

40 foot motor yacht burn to the water line, a few explosions, great flames and fire. Most likely battery fire. Never leave your boat plugged in and leave it unattended. No one was hurt — thank fully.

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