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2:3:27 Gill Broussard Planet 7X, Breaking, Ed Dames 2017

Gill Broussard Planet 7X, Breaking, Ed Dames 2017

Gill Broussard Planet 7X, Breaking, Ed Dames 2017
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2:5:27 Art Bell & Ed Dames   The Kill Shot

Art Bell & Ed Dames The Kill Shot

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Daniel Croteau) is ( Cosmic War In The garden of EDEN)Coast To Coast AM — Cydonia Odyssey MEGA Collection
by Art Bell, Richard Hoagland, Tom VanFlandern, Ron Nikcs, Ken Johnston

Topics Coast to Coast AM, Atlantis, Richard C Hoagland, Tom VanFlandern, Ron Nicks, Face on Mars, Cydonia, Mars, DM Pyramid, Pyramids, Egypt, Giza, NASA
Here is the ultimate mega collection of Coast to Coast AM shows discussing the region of Mars known as Cydonia, famous for the location of the Face on Mars and a possible 'city'. Most of the radio shows in the collection are discussions between famous Coast to Coast AM creator and host Art Bell and Richard C. Hoagland, author of the book Monuments of Mars, a book about the so called 'mega structures' at the Cydonia region. Other guests include Astronomer Tom VanFlandern, former NASA contractor Ken Johnston and Geologist Ron Nicks.

Note: I edited this collection to include discussions on Cydonia, The Face on Mars, their images and connections to Egypt and a possible ancient civilization, THATS IT. I cut out any Moon discussions or endless conspiracy theories, keeping only the basics of RCH conspiracies. I wanted to have this collection focus on Cydonia and the Face on Mars and not NASA or conspiracies. While I do enjoy RCH as a guest he does tend go off on long tangents which I tried to edit down here.

Shows used:
-1995-06-23 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Richard C. Hoagland — Mars and Moon Ruins
-1996-10-25 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Richard C Hoagland — Cydonia, Egypt, Apollo Connection
-1996-11-12 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Nasa-Moon-Mars-Egypt with Richard Hoagland & Ken Johnston
-1998-04-14 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Richard C. Hoagland. Van Flandern — Cydonia Ruins Face on Mars Images
-1998-04-24 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Ed Dames — Remote Viewing. Richard Hoagland — Mars Ruins Images (ONLY RCH)
-1998-04-27 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Prof. Tom van Flandern — Astronomer — New Mars Images
-2000-04-11 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Richard C. Hoagland with Tom van Flandern — Cydonia Photos
-2001-05-25 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Richard C. Hoagland with Kynthia — Mars Face Update
-2002-04-16 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Hoagland — Face on Mars and Cydonia Region. Whitley Strieber — UFO Activity in Chile (ONLY RCH)
-2002-09-05 — Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell — Richard C. Hoagland — Cydonia Region Of Mars

Identifier CoastToCoastAMCydoniaMarsCollection
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17:27 Father Malachi Martin with Art Bell And Major Ed Dames

Father Malachi Martin with Art Bell And Major Ed Dames

Father Malachi Martin discusses remote viewing with Art Bell, and Major.Ed Dames on Coast-To-Coast A.M. with Art Bell.

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11:53:15 Art Bell  - Twelve Pack #4 -  Ed Dames 'Dr  Doom' - 12 hour Binge

Art Bell - Twelve Pack #4 - Ed Dames 'Dr Doom' - 12 hour Binge

Art Bell — Twelve Pack #4 — Ed Dames 'Dr. Doom' — Remote Viewing — 12 hour Binge

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2:14:11 Marshall Masters |ED Dames|Planet X|End Times|CNN|Fox News|Coast To Coast A.M.|EOD 26

Marshall Masters |ED Dames|Planet X|End Times|CNN|Fox News|Coast To Coast A.M.|EOD 26

Episode 26: 1999

Michael begins tonight's program by saying that lately its been feeling like the end of days. Then we are introduced to tonight's guest, Marshall Masters. They get right into the topics of nuclear war and Ed Dames before Marshall tells us a little bit about his background. He explains that because of his travel business he got to fly the arctic route and actually see the curvature of the earth. This led him to "Planet X."

Heavens Gate Also Mentioned

Marshall believes that we are living in a binary star system, our sun being one and Planet X being the other. He tells us about Nemesis, a small brown dwarf sun at the heart of the Planet X mini-constellation. He touches on the research of Dr. Robert S. Harrington, chief astronomer of the US Naval Observatory, who died before he could publicize his findings on Planet X. Marshall says the Washington Post brutally humiliated the astronomers involved.

Regarding his time at CNN, Marshall says it was an honor to work for them back then, but these days they should just call themselves the Cartoon News Network.

After briefly covering topics including bats, synchronicity, fake news, and the state of radio today, Marshall tells us that we're already seeing Planet X today. The best way to observe it is on a passenger jet.

Michael and Marshall then recount their earthquake experiences. They cover how they're always downgraded after, what happened on December 21, 2012, the bridge incident that Marshall witnesses, and how to survive a big one.

Starr then calls in and Marshall goes deep with her on his theory of "coming into awareness." He also mentions his book, Survival Wellness Advocacy and the BIG WIN: A Supplemental Guide for Surviving the Planet X Tribulation {http://amzn.to/2oNRogA}.

After Starr's call, Marshall talks about the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Sumatra in 2004.

The discussion then returned to Planet X. Marshall publishes regular updates on his website, yowusa.com. A recent one was on how you tell your children about Planet X.

After Michael brings up the film, The Road {http://amzn.to/2nM0JX1}, talk turns to strength in numbers, how technology is hurting us, and one of Marshall's motos: "If you can't afford a hill of beans, be worth your weight in a hill of beans."

Marshall then shares with us the three precepts of his Knowledge Mountain Church of Perpetual Genesis which are 1} self-sufficiency, 2} hope for the future, and 3} knowing that you are not alone.

The question Marshall gets asked the most is "When?" People want to know when we are going to see Planet X. His answer is the Amtrak Theory: do something to get prepared for it. He reminds us that the three causes of death are denial, procrastination. and location.

Michael then bring us the film, The Salton Sea {http://amzn.to/2nLP2j6} starring Val Kilmer. Michael lives not far from the area and its devastation is discussed at length.

Topics then turn to Ed Dames, the Days of Darkness and how Marshall sees the Bible as a Planet X preparatory, dying of fear, how Michael wishes he had a time machine, and the subject of ETs.

Marshall's moto is "Destiny comes to those who listen, and fate finds the rest. So learn what you can learn, do what you can do, and never give up hope!"

His websites are yowusa.com and knowledgemountain.org.

After the break Michael talked about the music he plays and gave us a list of the top ten countries currently listening in. He then filled us in on an incident that happened during his recent vacation in La Jolla. It seems an Asian woman with an unconscious death wish rode her bicycle into Michael's car as he was pulling into a parking spot in town. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Michael makes a request to the listeners to share this show with anyone who might be interested and said he'll be adding a donation button to the website, michaeldecon.com, which is currently undergoing some improvements. He asks everyone to be a friend and support the show.


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17:9 FlightGear Extra 500 - CYTZ to CYKZ

FlightGear Extra 500 - CYTZ to CYKZ

Hey Subscribers thanks for hitting up my Channel and watching my latest uploads exclusively on Youtube.com, brought to you by the creators of Promagstyled Productions.

FlightGear is open sourced flight simulator and best of all its free, but its competitors such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane charges an arm and a leg for high level of realism for PC and Mac.

Anyways, without any further delay we will hop on a short 17 Minute flight from CYTZ (Billy Bishop Airport) to CYKZ (Buttonville Airport) in an Extra 500. With complete startup procedure to rotating and yes, also the mistakes while flying, due to the fact that I'm using a Wireless Mouse as an Yoke.

Please sit back and enjoy the flight, more information about FlightGear and the developers of the Extra 500 can be found below.

The actual aircraft is still in development.




The Real Aircraft : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extra_EA-500

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9:20 Ed Dames w/Art Bell Sept.1 1998 Pt1

Ed Dames w/Art Bell Sept.1 1998 Pt1

This interview is almost 10 years old. Have all of Ed's 'viewings' been correct? You be the judge. One of the highlights of this interview is when Richard Hoagland briefly comes on to discuss his NSA source and Ed has a hard time believing it.

-Art's warning
-Government default/U.S.bonds

Ed Dames Hocus Pocus (questions Dames claims)

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56:42 Major Ed Dames & Patricia Farrington Discuss Remote Viewing & The Killshot 7-24-2017

Major Ed Dames & Patricia Farrington Discuss Remote Viewing & The Killshot 7-24-2017

Major Ed Dames and Patricia discuss The Killshot, Mars, AI, Digital Currencies, and what it means for Earth in the future.

Major Ed Dames is a remote viewing teacher, and creator of Technical Remote Viewing, Major Edward A. Dames, United States Army (ret.), is a thrice decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government's TOP SECRET psychic espionage unit.



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29:32 [LIMITED TIME] #2: "Major Ed Dames aka Dr. Doom; Farewell Message, #KillShot #Fukushima #NorthKorea"

[LIMITED TIME] #2: "Major Ed Dames aka Dr. Doom; Farewell Message, #KillShot #Fukushima #NorthKorea"

[LIMITED TIME] #1; https://youtu.be/tCawjVbDY-Q Lecture; April 2017

[LIMITED TIME] #2: "Major Ed Dames; Farewell Message, #KillShot Updates & #Predictions By Dr Doom Ed Dames" #RemoteViewing

Major Ed Dames sees the UFO issue as coming from a non-human intelligence that is "millions of years ahead of us" and uses consciousness as a universal language.

Because of this, he believes that humanity is not ready for any meaningful contact with this intelligence. He thinks that the apparent nonsensical nature of many sightings and encounters are a way of using deception and puzzles to help mankind on an evolutionary path, and coming conflicts worldwide.

He says he continues to provide intelligence data from his remote viewing exercises to the armed forces and law enforcement. Dames announced that he will be retiring from teaching remote viewing after a coming final national tour; http://www.survivingthekillshot.com/

Full videos go to; http://Headlines.CVMCoNews.com "Where 'TRUTH' is our 1st weapon of choice! Over 365 days of archived alternative news headline videos delivered daily!" By Christian Vicars © All Rights Reserved... Remember to subscribe free to our 'youtube' channel...Then click the bell at; http://CVMCoNews.com to get notifications^
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