Strange creature comes out of toilet!

Strange creature comes out of toilet!

Декабрь 26, 2014

Oh no!

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3:2 See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

A rat's ribs are hinged at the spine, enabling it to easily squeeze through the tightest spaces—like the pipes draining your toilet. And rats are great swimmers too; they can hold their breath for up to three minutes. See how quickly a rat can go from the city streets to your bathroom.
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NARRATOR: Daniel Stone

See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

National Geographic

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0:57 Eel-Like Creature Comes out of Toilet in Malaysian Couple's Home

Eel-Like Creature Comes out of Toilet in Malaysian Couple's Home

On Oct. 6, a Malaysian couple recorded video footage of an eel-like creature coming out of their bathroom's toilet.

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1:11 The Creature in Cody's Toilet

The Creature in Cody's Toilet

Me and Cody were hanging out on Friday and found something strange in his bathroom...

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7:13 Bizarre Things Found In Toilets

Bizarre Things Found In Toilets

From walking in a restroom and finding a shark sticking out of the toilet to discovering a little squirrel crawling out of your toilet bowl!

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10. Frogs
It might be quite surprising to find a frog in your toilet. How do they end up there? Well it is also surprising to note that it is a much more frequent happening than you would guess. One Florida man had it happen to him so many times that he decided to write his local newspaper asking what he should do about the problem. It certainly beats finding a snake or a rat in your toilet, so we don’t need to worry about it too much.

9. Royal Hairpin
Losing valuable things in toilet’s is not unheard of. Who hasn’t heard a story of someone that dropped a wedding ring or valuable piece of jewelry into the toilet? And if you don’t realize that you’ve dropped said item and flush the toilet, it could be gone forever. Still, researchers were quite surprised to find a hairpin that belonged to 16th century French Queen Catherine de Medici after excavating a communal toilet at Fontainebleau Palace. The find was a mystery as most of her lavish jewelry collection was thought to have been lost or stolen over the centuries.

8. Iguana
Something was clogging the pipes and causing a South Florida woman’s toilet to clog. After not being able to fix the problem herself, she decided to call a plumber. The plumber came to check the pipes and soon discovered the source of the problem. A foot and a half long iguana had decided that the pipes would serve as a good home.

7. Money
An incredibly honest Australian janitor found money in a toilet and trash bins in 2011. Instead of taking the 93, 000 or so dollars he discovered, the janitor did the right thing and called authorities to investigate. After police could find no explanation as to the money’s origin, a judge awarded the janitor’s honesty by ruling that he could keep $76, 000 of the cash. The rest of the money was awarded to the state.

6. Snakes
Snakes are up there with the scariest animals that have a realistic possibility of being discovered in your toilet. Unfortunately there are plenty of instances of this happening. A man recently had his private’s bitten by a python in his bathroom. The incident happened in Thailand and both the man and the snake survived the ordeal. The man lost a lot of blood and surely gained a phobia.

5. Squirrels
A Canadian woman found something totally unexpected in her toilet one morning… a live squirrel! After recovering from her initial shock the woman fished the squirrel out with some tongs and washed it off in her bathtub, a job that wasn’t very fun as the squirrel was covered in what appeared to be sewage. After the exhausted squirrel seemed to recover sufficiently, the woman took it outside where it belonged. She did not know how the squirrel got in her toilet, but it serves as a friendly reminder to never assume your toilet bowl is empty.

4. Possum
You may think that every furry rodent that ends up in a toilet is a rat, but that is not true. Though they are often initially mistaken for rats, many possums also end up in the bottom of your excrement receiver. Recently a woman found a baby possum in her toilet bowl in San Diego, a story that, of course, made the rounds on social media.

3. Lizards
Lizards like water and bugs, two things that can be found in your toilet. Because of this it is not the most uncommon thing for people to find lizards in their toilets, especially in areas that lizards live, like the southwest part of the United States. Luckily lizards aren’t very scary at all so spotting one in your toilet should be somewhat amusing more than anything else.

2. Spiders
For most people spiders are scary in pretty much any setting. But they are most scary when you run into one unexpectedly, like in your bed or, you guessed it, somewhere in your toilet. They have to rank up there with snakes as being the scariest creatures you have the potential of finding in your toilet. An Australian man recently discovered a black Huntsman spider in his toilet. He tried to flush his toilet several times but the spider could not be flushed. Luckily for everyone else he took a video of this and posted it on social media.

1. WWII Bomb
A live World War 2 era bomb was found in an outdoor toilet in England in 2014. People in the surrounding area were evacuated and a bomb squad had to be called in. Eventually the bomb was safely removed from the toilet and detonated in a controlled environment in a nearby park. The story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I just dropped a bomb in your toilet.”

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1:5 Woman Found This Mysterious Creature In Her Tuna Can

Woman Found This Mysterious Creature In Her Tuna Can

Usually opening a can of tuna is a fairly mundane task. However last month, a mother in Nottingham, UK got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can and now the mystery creature that she discovered has been identified.

Usually opening a can of tuna is a fairly mundane task. However last month, a mother in Nottingham, UK got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can and now the mystery creature that she discovered has been identified.

According to the Nottingham Post, it's something called a megalopa, which is described as an "immature crab" that is often eaten by tuna. The megalopa had been nestled in between Princes tuna chunks when the woman, Zoe Butler first saw it's dark eyes staring up at her.

A spokesperson for Princes told the Nottingham Post, "We appreciate that the appearance of the crab will have been unpleasant. However, please be assured that it represented no food safety risk.”

The company reportedly launched an investigation to determine the species after pictures of it surfaced. Even though it seems like the case is closed, the story is still attracting differing theories.

According to The Telegraph, experts at London's Natural History Museum had a different response concerning the species. Following an examination of the photos, they said the head appears to be that a parasite called a tongue-eating louse.

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0:59 Meet the girl who cries blood from her eyes!!!

Meet the girl who cries blood from her eyes!!!

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0:56 Weird Alien Octopus Creature in Toilet

Weird Alien Octopus Creature in Toilet

Came home from a 6 month holiday and after urinating in the toilet I realised something was moving inside. Very weird..

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4:20 Put Vinegar into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens

Put Vinegar into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens

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10:47 Most BIZARRE Creatures Found In Antarctica!

Most BIZARRE Creatures Found In Antarctica!

Check out the most bizarre creatures found in antarctica! This top list of rare and mysterious creatures discovered in the ice and the ocean is very strange!

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10. Tardigrade
The tardigrade, also known as the water bear is nearly indestructible. Discovered in the late 1700s, this

strange microscopic creature is an eight legged, clawed animal found around the world, even in the frozen

tundra of Antarctica. Cited as the most resilient creature that exists, this little micro-animal can survive

everything from above boiling temperatures to even the cruel conditions of outer space. Intense pressure and

radiation aren't even enough to take down this little guy. They can survive thanks to a host of interesting

adaptations, including a protein that shields radiation damage to DNA. Even more fascinating is that

researchers were able to transfer this protein to human cells and it was able to prevent x-ray damage to DNA

by up to 40%! The Tardigrade is able enter a state called Cryptobiosis in which metabolic processes stop. It

is a state similar to death whenever conditions become too intense to overcome. This amazing creature feeds on

plant and animal cell fluid as well as the fluid of some bacteria and is can be found in many patches of moss

around the world.
9. “Hoff” Crab
When it isn´t scuttling in slow-motion across the beach, the ´Hoff´crab finds its home deep in the thermal

vents in between South America and Antarctica. It is named after famous Baywatch and Knight Rider star David

Hasselhoff, due to the crabs unusually hairy chest. Despite being in one of the coldest locations on Earth, the ocean depths near Antarctica, the noble ´Hoff´crab has to endure scorching temperatures at over 300°C

(570°F). This is because the thermal vents that they call home are actually the product of undersea volcanos

and they heat the ocean and release chemicals into the water that the crab has to endure. It does this because

it is not the only creature to survive these conditions, the volcanic gases are a breeding ground for

bacteria. The ´Hoff´will trap these bacteria within it´s hairy chest for a tasty treat. Though called the

´Hoff´crab these animals are actually a type of squat lobster and were only recently discovered but already

seem to have the support of their namesake who tweeted several references to the hairy, antarctic creatures.
8. Elephant Seal
The aptly named Elephant Seal braces the sub-zero antarctic conditions as the resident heavyweight. As one of

the largest carnivores alive today, the elephant seal can weigh close to 9000 pounds! They are easily

recognized as males have a trunk-like nose that is used for various calls. Often living in close proximity to

penguin colonies, the elephant seal is a territorial animal and males often fight each other for the right to

mate with females. Often this will lead males to go long periods of time without eating as they remain on

their territory to protect it from others. Known for being one of the seals species that spend the most time

on land, the elephant seal can spend weeks without entering the water. Their huge bodies provide lots of

blubber which can be used to keep warm and provide nourishment when food conditions are low. Though

intimidating, they are still prey to the well coordinated orcas that patrol the Antarctic waters.
7. Sea Pig
The noble sea pig is a close relative of the sea cucumber. This little guy is pudgy and pink just like his

land counterpart. The sea pig however is just a little smaller at under six inches long on average, but it

makes up for it in numbers. In fact, sea pigs make up a majority of the weight on many ocean floors including

many parts of Antarctica. Being one of the few creatures that can survive the intense pressure of the ocean

above, the sea pig has a soft body with inflatable limbs that help it maneuver the sea bed. These animals feed

on leftover remnants of living creatures that have fallen into their home and hundreds will often gather

around the husk of a dead whale that falls from above. Though they gather in large numbers they are not known

to be social animals with each one simply sensing food along the ocean floor. Interestingly they will all face

the same direction, though scientists are still unsure as to why.

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0:58 Toilet Rat - Szczur w sedesie!!!

Toilet Rat - Szczur w sedesie!!!

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