Strange creature comes out of toilet!

Strange creature comes out of toilet!

Декабрь 26, 2014

Oh no!

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3:2 See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

A rat's ribs are hinged at the spine, enabling it to easily squeeze through the tightest spaces—like the pipes draining your toilet. And rats are great swimmers too; they can hold their breath for up to three minutes. See how quickly a rat can go from the city streets to your bathroom.
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NARRATOR: Daniel Stone

See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

National Geographic

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0:7 ✔ 75 Most Weird, Scary and Rarest Animals in the World Real Pictures (Rare Compilation)

✔ 75 Most Weird, Scary and Rarest Animals in the World Real Pictures (Rare Compilation)

Surfing the net for the truth today and found some REAL pictures that not photoshopped. The World is full of unexplained and weird mysteries. Every day people see strange creatures and some of them are lucky enough to capture a picture or video of these weird creatures, while others are left with amazing stories to tell.
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Beaked Toads
Espadarana prosoblepon
Finca Chiblac
Glass frogs
Panamanian golden frog
Ancient shark
Angler (Monkfish)
Angora rabbit
Atlantic wolffish
Atretochoana eiselti
Basking Shark
Blue Sea Dragon
Cairina moschata
Dumbo Octopus
Emperor Tamarin
Felis manul
Frill-necked Lizard
Giant Anteater
Giant Jellyfish
Goblin shark
GuLper EeL
Hairless mouse
Jumping slug
Komondor Dog
Labyrinth spider
Leafy Sea Drago
Long-nosed echidna
Macaya breast-spot frog
Macropinna microstoma
Mata mata turtle
Mirounga angustirostris
Penis fish
Phrynosoma hernandesi
Pink Fairy Armadillo
Proboscis Monkey
Pubic lice
Pygmy Marmoset
Rattails or Grenadiers
Red-Eyed Treefr
Red Panda
Saki Monkey
Sea Spider
Siberian musk deer
Smooth lumpsucker
Solenodon cubanus
Star-nosed Mole
Strigops habrop (Kakapo)
Sucker Footed Bat
Sun Bear
Telmatobius culeus
Yeti Crab
Music: Over Time
Most Weirdest and Rarest Animals compilation hd

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2:57 9 Ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

9 Ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

Shark eaten by Megalodon? A giant unknown sea creature ate a 9 foot shark. The 3 meter shark alpha was suddenly taken under by some sea animal.

At 4am on Christmas Eve a tagged shark was eaten by a massive unknown sea creature

-What Happened?
-Why it's Mysterious?
-And what are the Plausible Explainations?

-What Happened?

Documentary Filmmaker Dave Riggs and his crew, who tagged a large number of great white sharks off the coasts of Bremer Bay in Australia, encountered something very unusual.

One of the tags of a large shark was discovered washed up on shore.

The tag had no signs of algae, but instead appeared to have been heavily bleach by stomach acid.

Using satellite tracking, they were able to pin point the exact time the shark was mysterious attacked and eaten.

-Why this is mysterious

This is mysterious for 2 reasons

1.) The data showed the tag taking a sudden 1902 foot drop down the continental shelf which indicated that the shark had just become prey to something big and very fast.

2.) After further examination, it was revealed that the tag had been ingested by an animal with an internal temperate of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees higher than
than the great white's normal temperature.

-Plausible Explainations?

Some people suggested that it could have been an orca, they are certainly large enough, with the biggest on record being 32 feet long and they have been known to hunt
great white sharks, however, the problem with this theory is that killer whales generally stay near the surface and the deepest an orca has ever been recorded was 850 feet
while this unknown creature was nearly 2, 000 feet deep.

Another theory was that the tag may have somehow been removed from the shark. However, the trouble with this explanation is that
great white sharks body temperature is significantly warmer than the surrounding water, so if the tag had been removed the tracker would have to have picked up a sudden drop in temperature, which
which, it did not.

So could another larger great white shark have been the culprit? Not likely because of the temperate shift.

The temperate of the tag while in the muscle tissue is about 8 degrees warmer than the cold ocean water.
-Recorded Tag Temperature 46F
-Water Temperature 38F
The temperature of a great white shark's belly will range between 13-25 degrees warmer than the surrounding waters.

So this would indicate a temperature between 52 degrees with a maximum of 64 degrees.
The temperature of whatever unknown sea animal that ate the tagged shark was at 78 degrees.

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6:30 Massive Unidentified Sea Monster Caught on Video Off Oil-Rig

Massive Unidentified Sea Monster Caught on Video Off Oil-Rig


What on earth is that?

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2:18 Sydney Family Films Strange Creature In Hawkesbury River

Sydney Family Films Strange Creature In Hawkesbury River

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A Sydney family fishing on the Hawkesbury River were stunned by the sight of a large creature splashing near their boat.




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1:5 Woman Found This Mysterious Creature In Her Tuna Can

Woman Found This Mysterious Creature In Her Tuna Can

Usually opening a can of tuna is a fairly mundane task. However last month, a mother in Nottingham, UK got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can and now the mystery creature that she discovered has been identified.

Usually opening a can of tuna is a fairly mundane task. However last month, a mother in Nottingham, UK got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can and now the mystery creature that she discovered has been identified.

According to the Nottingham Post, it's something called a megalopa, which is described as an "immature crab" that is often eaten by tuna. The megalopa had been nestled in between Princes tuna chunks when the woman, Zoe Butler first saw it's dark eyes staring up at her.

A spokesperson for Princes told the Nottingham Post, "We appreciate that the appearance of the crab will have been unpleasant. However, please be assured that it represented no food safety risk.”

The company reportedly launched an investigation to determine the species after pictures of it surfaced. Even though it seems like the case is closed, the story is still attracting differing theories.

According to The Telegraph, experts at London's Natural History Museum had a different response concerning the species. Following an examination of the photos, they said the head appears to be that a parasite called a tongue-eating louse.

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1:21 10 Unbelievable Toilets from Around the World

10 Unbelievable Toilets from Around the World

We Recommend 'Toilet World' — — Other countries relieve themselves differently than others, Japan Electronic Toilet. Similar to Intelli Electronic Toilet.

In this video check out some toilets you will be seeing and using in your travels!

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0:58 Toilet Rat - Szczur w sedesie!!!

Toilet Rat - Szczur w sedesie!!!

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5:2 Come What May by Faith Cuneta

Come What May by Faith Cuneta

cover song: Come What May — Faith Cuneta


When he looks at me
I know the boy sees things
Nobody else can see

All of the secret fears inside
And all the craziness I hide
He looks into my soul
And reads me like nobody can

And he doesnt judge the girl
He just takes me as I am


Come what may, he believes
And that faith is something
Ive never known before
Come what may, he loves me
And that love has helped me open a door
Making me love myself a little more

When I turn away
He knows those are the times
Theres nothing he can say

Nothing that anyone can do
And so he lets me live it through
And when Im in my darkest hour of uncertainty
He just simply lets me be
And goes right on loving me


And when it seems my dreams
Have all slipped through my fingers
When they just cant be found
I turn around and there they are
Shining in his eyes

(repeat chorus)

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1:1 Potentially Deadly Spiders Found in Supermarket Banana

Potentially Deadly Spiders Found in Supermarket Banana

A British family was forced to flee its London home after dozens of apparently deadly spiders sprouted from a banana bought from a local supermarket.

Consi Taylor, 29, was halfway through eating a banana when she noticed that the small white patch on the piece of fruit was not mold but something far more alarming.

"I had a closer look and was horrified to see they were spiders, " Taylor told The Sun newspaper. "They were hatching out on the table, scurrying around on my carpet."

Taylor took a picture of the spiders and sent it to her local pest control company for guidance. It said the tiny critters could be Brazilian wandering spiders, a species that Guinness World Records designated the world's most venomous spider in 2010

The Taylors evacuated their home and had it fumigated, according to The Sun.

Steven Falk, an entomologist with the invertebrate conservation trust Buglife, said that even if the spiders had been the venomous wandering spider, the babies didn't pose a real threat to humans.

"The truth is often very mundane, " Falk told ABC News, adding that "a baby spider doesn't have big enough jaws to bite you."

Stuart Hine, manager of identification and advisory service at the National History Museum in London, went further, telling ABC News that fumigation was "wholly unnecessary, " as, even in their natural environment, only one in 500 spiderlings make it to adulthood.

Sainsbury's, the supermarket that sold the bananas, initially gave the Taylor's a £10 ($16) gift card but said this was only an "initial act of good will." It has now given the Taylors "a substantial cash sum, " according to a statement.

Having subsequently hired its own spider expert, Sainsbury's said the arachnids were "likely to be a foliage spider or Cheiracanthium, " adding that "all forms of wandering spider are unlikely to survive in this country [the U.K.], either inside or outside, due to their need for warmth and humidity.

"We're very sorry and have apologized to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, " the store wrote. "We do have rigorous controls on imported products at all stages — from harvesting to transportation — which is why this is so rare."

Credit — ABC News

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