TZM global radio: Ep 179 TZM education in Hungary

TZM global radio: Ep 179 TZM education in Hungary

Декабрь 10, 2015

This episode of TZM global is hosted by UK chapter member and co-coordinator of the movements global educational activism project; TZM education, James Phillips.

Along with other movement related news this episode includes a conversation with fellow TZM education member and Hungarian chapter coordinator, Sztella Kantor regarding her experience of taking the materials of TZM education into schools in Hungary.

If you are interested in taking part in this global initiative then please visit:

*At the time of publication there was an issue with our podcast provider, blogtalk radio. Therefore the show could only be uploaded in it's edited format to you tube at this time. The full version will be released as soon as this issue is resolved.

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10:16 Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi 3. - Shopping

Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi 3. - Shopping

Numbers, food and shopping
Számok, ételek és vásárlás

Title music: Black Bear Combo — Otrov

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48:11 Technological Unemployment | David Wood | ZDay 2015 London

Technological Unemployment | David Wood | ZDay 2015 London

David Wood (London Futurists) will address the ‘elephant in the room’ being largely ignored by politicians and economists. That being technological unemployment and some of the potential risks and benefits the coming wave of technological advancements will bring for society.

7th Annual Zeitgeist Day [ZDay] London, UK, April 25th 2015

Recognized as the largest grassroots social movement in the world with official chapters in over 60 countries, The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) announces its 7th annual “Zeitgeist Day”.

Also known as “ZDay” for short, this global awareness campaign features a main event with prominent Movement speakers and guests from all over the world, while working in solidarity with hundreds of other parallel events occurring during the same day and/or weekend. The gesture is one of global unity towards social betterment and a more humane society.

Prior main events have been documented by news agencies, including the New York Times and Huffington Post in America, with attendees and members coming from all around the world to discuss the state of society and how to improve it in a real way.
Contrary to most conferences of this nature, TZM does not see needed social changes coming from the political or economic establishment. It sees it coming from the public itself through grassroots reform since TZM views the core problems in the world as actually originating from the very foundation of the eco-politico establishment to begin with.

What is the Zeitgeist Movement?
The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working to bring the world together for the common goal of species sustainability before it is too late. Divisive notions such as nations, governments, races, political parties, religions, creeds or class are non-operational distinctions in the view of The Movement. Rather, we recognize the world as one system and the human species
as a singular unit, sharing a common habitat.
Martin Wilkinson (The Equality Trust) will outline the debilitating affects of income inequality on human health and some ways in which we may go about reducing these negative tendencies and increase income equality.

LIKE The Zeitgeist Movement @
FOLLOW The Zeitgeist Movement @

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2:58 Study in Hungary - Interviews with International Students


UnderNeverland's Video:
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We get a little gift from Hungary and us Americans trying Hungarian food! It was so fun :D Don't forget to give this video a Thumbs Up and leave a comment down below!




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5:36 The sounds of the Hungarian alphabet

The sounds of the Hungarian alphabet

This video will help you master all the sounds of Hungarian.
Note: these are not the names of the letters but how they are actually pronounced.
Also check out this one on pronunciation:
Enjoy :)
Original music by chordpower

Equipment used:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Usb iaudio interface (affiliate)
Samson Meteor USB Microphone (affiliate)

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7:54 Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi 5. - Plural - Többes szám
4:47 Is Hungarian hard to learn?

Is Hungarian hard to learn?

Why do international students study Hungarian and how to start to learn this language? Ania Tomczak have checked it for you.

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4:9 Fenyő Miklós - Made in Hungaria

Fenyő Miklós - Made in Hungaria

Fenyő Miklós — Made in Hungaria

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3:45 Study in Hungary Universities | Scholarships stipendium & Advantages

Study in Hungary Universities | Scholarships stipendium & Advantages

Hungary is among the top tourist destinations in Europe with the capital Budapest regarded as one of the most beautiful cities worldwide.
Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular study abroad destination, having gained great credibility over the years and has a very strong tradition in the sciences, particularly medicine. Beyond high-quality education, Hungary also offers a lively and welcoming culture, a fascinating history and beautiful cities.

Hungarian Higher Education has been representing academic excellence for more than 600 years. Today, there are 65 higher education institutions (29 public and 37 private) in Hungary, ranging from minor universities of applied sciences to top research universities. Internationalisation is becoming an essential part of their development strategies: they offer 550 courses in English, German, French and other languages.

Hungarian institutions achieved a high position in many university rankings, and Hungarian degrees are of internationally recognised quality.
Six universities in Hungary appear in the 2018 QS World University Rankings, Hungary is committed to becoming a leading higher education hub. Universities in Hungary are welcoming growing numbers of international students, both on exchange programs and for full degrees, and are increasingly offering courses taught in languages other than Hungarian, most commonly English.
Universities in Hungary offer three levels of degree: Bachelor’s programs typically last three or four years, master’s programs one or two, and doctorate programs three years.

The aim of the government is to raise the number of incoming international students from 25, 000 to 40, 000 by 2021.
Choose to study in Hungary now, and you could be at the leading edge of that trend.
The foreign language programmes are of high standard and tuition fees are very favourable when compared to its competition. The range of study fields students can choose from is wide:
• Agricultural Science
• Computer Science and Information Technology
• Economic Science
• Medical and Health Science
• Arts, Arts and Humanities, Arts Education
• Engineering Science
• Social Science
• Teacher Training
• Sport Science
• Natural Science
Combined with reasonably low living costs, these provide optimal conditions for students wishing to come to Hungary. Choosing Hungary is a great decision – the land where traditionally high requirements meet new ideas.
• Schengen Visa, Which allows you to travel 26 European Countries
• Top Ranking Universities with Low Tuition Fee
• Low Cost of Living
• Students can work 24hrs/Week
• Scholarships available for Living Expenditure

For admission to a university or college course in Hungary, students must meet certain entry requirements. These consist mainly of a high school diploma or bachelor degree (for a master program), proof of language proficiency and entrance exam.
Entry requirements will differ depending on the school and the program, for more details you can contact Videsh Consultz.
To know more detail about Education in Hungary with Scholarship visit our website

Come and meet our experts to know about European Countries, World Top universities, best Courses, Scholarships and Visa Procedure.
Are you looking to study in any European country…..With Free Education and Scholarship…..then Videsh consultz right option for you..toy study in Hungary Videsh consultz is the best abroad education consultancy in india.


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52:44 Peter Joseph - Critique of Jordan B. Peterson (vs Slavoj Zizek: "Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism")

Peter Joseph - Critique of Jordan B. Peterson (vs Slavoj Zizek: "Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism")

Peter Joseph [ @ZeitgeistFilm ] addresses the opening arguments put forward by Jordan B. Peterson, from Peterson's debate with Slavoj Zizek called "Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism" — April 19th 2019

*And sorry for the on-screen typos. Video created quickly. Mostly min. 46-48. And min 41... likely more*

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