Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Март 12, 2014

Nondestructive Testing — Ultrasonic Examination — Basic principles of sound propagation and reflection in materials — Basics of ultrasonic testing procedures — Ultrasonic testing of a steel cylinder in the laboratory — Ultrasonic testing of wheelset axles in practice
Responsible for this video: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Schwab, Hochschule Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences), Germany

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13:16 Shear Wave Distance Calibration IIW Block

Shear Wave Distance Calibration IIW Block

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17:26 Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing — Physical background — Eddy current testing with coaxial probes — Eddy current testing with surface probes — Practice
Responsible for this video: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Schwab, Hochschule Karlsruhe — University of Applied Sciences

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3:47 Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

An overview of a pipeline AUT crew.

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7:5 Magnetic Particle testing (NDT)

Magnetic Particle testing (NDT)

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8:59 Tensile Test

Tensile Test

Basic principle and practical procedure of the tensile test on ductile metallic materials
— Testing machine (Inspekt 200 kN, Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH), specimen, extensometer
— Material with yield point phenomenon
— Elastic and plastic behaviour, uniform elongation, necking, fracture
— Yield strength, tensile strength, percentage elongation at fracture
— Material without yield point phenomenon
— Plastic behaviour, proof strength
Responsible for this video: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Schwab, Hochschule Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences), Germany

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8:56 UT 2 Lab 1

UT 2 Lab 1

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9:39 The Scanning Electron Microscope

The Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope — Main components — Basic principle — Practical procedure — Imaging of surfaces and chemical analysis
Responsible for this video: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Schwab, Hochschule Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences), Germany

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14:16 Non-destructive testing (NDT) at TWI

Non-destructive testing (NDT) at TWI

For information on TWI's NDT training courses, visit http://www.twitraining.com or to find out more about NDT technologies please visit: http://www.twi-global.com/capabilities/integrity-management/non-destructive-testing/

Nondestructive testing or Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. The terms Nondestructive examination (NDE), Nondestructive inspection (NDI), and Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) are also commonly used to describe this technology.

Industry has an ongoing need for these technologies and techniques that can accurately locate, quantify, characterise and size flaws in a wide variety of materials, components and structures, and TWI has an undoubted and proven track record in the research, development and application of NDT and supporting technologies.

With every technology in use, industry has a responsibility to employ trained, competent and qualified staff to operate NDT technologies in order to use them safely and accurately. In many industrial sectors qualification and recognised certification is enforced by law or by the associated applied codes and standards. Recognising this, and using its expertise in having driven major developments within the NDT field, TWI has been best placed to design and develop its comprehensive programme of related NDT training, covering Conventional NDT courses and Advanced NDT courses.

TWI runs an NDT training programme designed to introduce newcomers to the most commonly used means of non-destructive testing. TWI has been at the forefront of inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) of fabricated structures for more than 40 years. The NDT Technology Section is a multi-disciplinary group of over 60 engineers, consultants and technicians dedicated to the development and successful implementation of the full spectrum of NDT technologies.

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3:47 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Meter – Max Range 220 mm — D1140772
The ultrasonic thickness gauge and meter has a max range of 220 mm. The size of the unit is 80 x 38 x 150 mm, and the resolution is 0.1 mm.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge and meter works by emitting a sound pulse and measuring the amount of time it takes for the pulse to return to a probe on the unit. The thickness of the material is then displayed on the unit’s screen.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge and meter can be used in engineering and industrial applications. The typical application is to measure the thickness of pipe, and in general when any material needs to be measured non-invasively.

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8:30 Ultrasonic Testing (हिन्दी )

Ultrasonic Testing (हिन्दी )

On this channel you can get education and knowledge for general issues and topics

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