North Korea promises US territory of Guam strike plan in days - BBC News

North Korea promises US territory of Guam strike plan in days - BBC News

Август 10, 2017

North Korea says a plan that could see it fire four missiles near the US territory of Guam will be ready in a matter of days.
State media said Hwasong-12 rockets would pass over Japan and land in the sea about 30km (17 miles) from Guam, if the plan was approved by Kim Jong-un.
It denounced Donald Trump's warnings of "fire and fury" and said the US leader was "bereft of reason".
The US has warned the North its actions could mean the "end of its regime".
US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said Pyongyang would be "grossly overmatched" in any war against the US and its allies.
The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, who is in Guam, says there is a sense that the North Korean threat is rhetorical, as most people feel that if they really did strike with missiles it would be suicidal for the North Korean regime.

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7:26 How North Korea Will Destroy Guam, and How America Will Stop Them

How North Korea Will Destroy Guam, and How America Will Stop Them

The DPRK is making moves toward Guam, how are they planning to let loose their attack- and how are America looking to defend it?

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Everything is boiling down to a tipping point. If we are forced to take military action, this could be the deadliest war in history. Things could get out of hand and it might go from being the North Korean War to the next world war. One small mistake by either side could start a deadly chain reaction.

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29:57 BBC Panorama - North Korea Undercover

BBC Panorama - North Korea Undercover

Panorama journalist John Sweeney goes undercover in North Korea.

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The United Nations Security Council has produced dozens of resolutions, including imposing trade and economic sanctions, but North Korea hasn’t budged even an inch.
As United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hurl threats at each other, it is not impossible to expect that the prolonged crisis on the Korean Peninsula will trigger a military conflict or war.
This scenario brings in focus the state and competencies of the North Korean army and the overall capacity of the country to wage a war.
North Korean military on paper seem an impressive force but is the reality so?
In this video, Defense Updates analyzes the capabilities of North Korean military and provides 5 reasons why it wont last even few weeks in a war with U.S?
Lets get started.


North Korean navy has about 810 vessels, which in theory could seem a threat but in practice is no more than nuisance.

While their quantity is great, their quality isn't as they represent decades old engineering and design concepts.

North Korean navy is considered a brown water navy and operates mainly within the 50 km exclusion zone.

It has no aircraft carrier or destroyer and has only 3 frigates, which are no match to the advanced U.S surface combatants.
Large percent of fleet is made up of small patrol vessels.
North Korean military is in possession of a fleet of about 70 submarines, comprised of approximately 20 Romeo class submarines (1, 800 tons), 40 Sang-O class submarines (300 tons) and 10 Yono class submarines (130 tons).

All of these submarines uses diesel-electric propulsion and were designed in the 50's or 60's.


On paper the North Korean Airforce possesses more than 500 combat capable aircrafts, but almost all of them are 3rd generation and 4th generation once.
The MiG-29 is the K P A F's most modern fighter and North Korea operates approximately only 40 of these.
The whole air fleet also has loads of maintenance issues as they are at the last leg of their service life and are grounded lot of the times. Combat availability of the airforce may be less than 50%.
The air-to-air missiles equipping fighters are also far older in technology compared to what U.S possesses.
F 22 & F 35 are a generation ahead of Mig 29, and are stealthy. In this scenario, the North Korean pilots will find it very difficult to detect and target them.
U.S with far sophisticated fighters, coupled with way better pilot training and strategy, is expected to quickly get air superiority over North Korean skies.


North Korea has more than 1.2 million active soldiers, and a further 7.7 million in reserve, making its ground force one of the largest in the world. Its troops are bolstered by 200, 000 special ops soldiers.

But the troops are mostly ill equipped with outdated weapons of Soviet era.
The country’s conventional forces, facing a long slide after the end of the Cold War, have faced equipment obsolescence and supply shortages.


Sustaining a war effort requires massive reserves not only in men, but also in material.
Napoleon is known to have said “an army marches on its stomach”.
Not only will the relatively poor inventory of ammunition will dwindle down in few weeks but also will the food supply.
With these two basic items in short supply, the North Korean forces will not be able to continue fighting for long periods.
It is also foreseen by many experts that as the war turns against North Korea, many will start deserting the repressive regime, hastening the process of capitulation.


North Korea is cut off from the world and basically has almost no allies.
China has traditionally been North Korea’s closest ally, but has condemned the latest ICBM test as "unacceptable”.
North Korea has historically enjoyed strong links with China, its neighbor to the north and the west. But since Kim took power in 2011, the relationship has cooled.
Beijing has repeatedly asked Pyongyang to cease its nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches in vain.
Russia has also played it safe in the Korean front.


North Korea invests a huge proportion of its meager economy into its military, and its ambitious missile, nuclear and cyber programs have caused widespread international alarm.
Pyongyang spent nearly a quarter of its GDP on the military over the past decade, according to US government estimates.
Being isolated from rest of the world, it has failed to acquire modern technologies and as discussed in the video, its armed forces remain technologically handicapped.
Strategically, North Korea doesn’t have the required technology, resources or allies to wage a war for more than few days, especially against the most powerful nation in the worlds

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8:30 Why is North Korea most interested in threatening Guam?

Why is North Korea most interested in threatening Guam?

The rogue state is out with detailed plans to launch missiles toward the U.S. territory

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2:16 Former general analyzes North Korea's military strategy

Former general analyzes North Korea's military strategy

Gen. James Spider Marks, former military intelligence officer in South Korea, breaks down North Korea's military strategy if a strike were to occur on its neighbor.

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4:21 How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

According to a new poll (taken before Trump's 'Fire and Fury' threat) 75% of Americans believe that North Korea's nuclear program is a 'critical threat' to the U.S. This made Jimmy wonder how many Americans even know where North Korea is so we went out to Hollywood Boulevard to find out.

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How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

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4:49 Guam Explained

Guam Explained

Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: Productions

Guam is an island 7, 936 miles away from Washington, DC, and yet it's part of the US (in most ways at least.)


Southeast asia map courtesy Redtony
United Airlines building photo courtesy 小野 優太
Guam’s post office photo courtesy Pacific Daily News and used under fair use guidelines
Colony map courtesy George Bosanko

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3:20 The Pentagon Prepares Pre-Emptive Strike Plan For North Korea | NBC Nightly News

The Pentagon Prepares Pre-Emptive Strike Plan For North Korea | NBC Nightly News

The Pentagon has prepared a specific strike plan for a pre-emptive attack on North Korea, should the President order one.
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The Pentagon Prepares Pre-Emptive Strike Plan For North Korea | NBC Nightly News

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5:34 North Korea threatens missile strike on Guam

North Korea threatens missile strike on Guam

The threat against Guam came after President Trump said North Korea would "face fire and fury " if threats continue.

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