EN | Bosch Engineering - More than you expect

EN | Bosch Engineering - More than you expect

Ноябрь 27, 2015

We work on over 800 individual customer projects a year, across 14 locations in nine countries. Founded in 1999 with just 13 associates, today we employ more than 2, 000 developers who are all passionate about technology, and we offer solutions for countless applications – from sports cars to excavators, trains to snowmobiles. At our core, we will always be 100 percent Bosch.
Our motivation? To give 100 percent for our customers.

More information: http://www.bosch-engineering.com

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3:2 Bosch Engineering - Pagani Huayra

Bosch Engineering - Pagani Huayra

Bosch Engineering has developed an active safety system for the Pagani Huayra and configured and adapted it specifically to this vehicle. With the three-stage traction control system the vehicle handles like a typical Pagani, and is of course safe.

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1:30 Bosch Engineering - Integrated vehicle dynamics control

Bosch Engineering - Integrated vehicle dynamics control

Bosch Engineering GmbH has developed an integrated vehicle dynamics control that networks and manages existing on-board dynamics actuators in a completely new way. It enables drivers to adjust their vehicles' handling characteristics individually to match the driving situation — from a comfortable ride through to sporting fun.

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3:41 EN | Automated driving / Automatisiertes Fahren

EN | Automated driving / Automatisiertes Fahren

Note: This movie shows proprietary Bosch technology. The Tesla vehicle is solely chosen as carrier for demonstration purposes.

Automation is on its way — with safety, and convenience. We want to continue enjoying the mobility that cars offer us in the future. But there is one thing Bosch wishes to eliminate: the potential for human errors. Automated driving is the key to achieving this goal. In order to drive itself, a vehicle must be capable of more than just driving. An automated vehicle not only needs to master all traffic regulations, but it must also have all the other skills that a human requires to drive a car. It must "see" and interpret its surroundings, make decisions independently, and operate the accelerator, brakes and steering wheel by itself. Where are we on the road to automated driving? And what does automation mean for mobility in general?

Find more information at: http://www.automated-driving.com

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3:26 Germany Engineering

Germany Engineering

Engineering in Germany

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3:36 Process Engineer

Process Engineer

Learn all about the career of a process engineer — including how much money they typically make and how much education you need to become one. Read a full career profile at http://www.aboutbioscience.org/process_engineer.html

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3:31 Invented for life - Bosch company presentation

Invented for life - Bosch company presentation

Our ambition is to enhance the quality of life with solutions that are both innovative and beneficial. We focus on our core competencies in automotive and industrial technologies as well as in products and services for professional and private use. Our customers choose us for our innovative strength and efficiency, for our reliability and quality of work. This is also reflected in the claim of the Bosch brand "Invented for Life". Discover more: http://www.bosch.com

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0:52 Bosch is part of it

Bosch is part of it

Bosch develops innovative technology for life — all over the world. Here you can discover 6 exceptional large-scale projects that Bosch is involved in.
Experience each project through the eyes of our 6 explorers. They gained a unique and exciting look behind the scenes and shared their stories for you: http://www.experience-bosch.com.

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2:3 Robert Bosch Campus Recruitment Procedure Academic Criteria

Robert Bosch Campus Recruitment Procedure Academic Criteria

Robert-Bosch placement criteria for freshers and experienced candidates Robert-Bosch Academic Criteria Robert-Bosch latest job openings. for more visit @

Company Name:Robert Bosch GmbH

Established Year:1937

Industry: Engineering Electronics Conglomerate.

Company Description:Robert Bosch GmbH (About this sound pronunciation (help·info)), or Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. It is the world's largest supplier of automotive components measured by 2011 revenues.[2] The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886.

Academic Criteria:

Candidate should have 70 percent or above in academics with no history of backlogs (Xth, XIIth and Graduation).
CandidateMUST Specialised in EEE/ECE branch only.
Candidates who have attended Robert Bosch selection process in the past are not eligible.

Selection Process:Campus recruitment procedure in Robert-Bosch is a three way process.

Written Test Contains Questions from BirlaSoftow areas:

Technical section consists of questions from topics such as Network Basics, Electronic Device, Circuits, Analog, C language, OS and DBMS.

Aptitude section consists of questions from Boats and streams, Profit & Loss, Discounts, Time & Work, Antonyms and Logical Reasoning.

Reasoning consists of questions covering the topics of Prepositions, Articles, and Comprehension, Fill in the Blank, Synonyms and Tenses.

Apply Link:The eligible candidates who are interested to participate can apply from the BirlaSoftow link.

Importnant Note:Please note that this process may vary slightly from college to college.


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1:18 Bosch winter test center in Sweden

Bosch winter test center in Sweden

Andrew Allen, the British head of the Swedish Bosch subsidiary, introduces the test center in Vaitoudden where Bosch tests its safety systems on black ice.
Bosch conducted its first minor test drives in northern Sweden as early as 1971. In 1973, the company heard of an airstrip on a frozen lake in Arjeplog. It was the first to use the runway to develop its ABS anti-lock braking system — without interrupting flight operations. Since then, Bosch has returned to Arjeplog each year. The region, which is located sixty kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, has become a veritable mecca for European automotive testers. More information: http://www.bosch-presse.de/presseforum/details.htm?txtID=6640&tk_id=108&locale=en

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1:27 DE | Bosch Engineering - Emissionsfreie Mobilität für Off-Highway-Anwendungen

DE | Bosch Engineering - Emissionsfreie Mobilität für Off-Highway-Anwendungen

Die Brennstoffzelle gehört zu den Schlüsseltechnologien für eine emissionsfreie Mobilität. Davon können künftig auch Off-Highway-Anwendungen, wie Baumaschinen, Kommunal- und Flughafenfahrzeuge profitieren. Bosch Engineering hat im Rahmen des öffentlich geförderten Projektes „Innovativer Regenerativer On-Board-Energiewandler“ (InnoROBE) ein komplettes Brennstoffzellensystem für einen elektrifizierten Gepäckschlepper vom Konzept bis zum Prototypen entwickelt. Als erster seiner Art in Europa soll der Gepäckschlepper im nächsten Schritt im Realbetrieb am Flughafen eingesetzt werden.

Dieses Video in englisch: https://youtu.be/wry-B7FDW_U

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