The Floating and Levitating Man. TRICK REVEALED (step-by-step) !

The Floating and Levitating Man. TRICK REVEALED (step-by-step) !

Ноябрь 10, 2013

Seen in London
There is a steel plate on the pavement, covered with a grey carpet. In the corner of the plate, there is a rod sticking out. Into this, the there is a steel platform, on which the performers sits. The steel tube which holds the platform runs up his left sleeve.

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3:27 Man Sitting on Nothing. Floating and Levitating. London. Street Performance and Street Art
4:8 Invisible Chair Trick Revealed

Invisible Chair Trick Revealed

Many people have shown how to do the "invisible chair".
Some have shown how MJ did his forward lean that defied gravity.
But THIS, you would have never seen before. I can walk around and yet do BOTH the gravity defying stunts.

YES, this is innovation enabling MAGIC.

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Frequently asked Questions: Whats it called?
Answer: i dont know as i made it and didnt buy it. I would call it a leg armature to do the invisible chair and MJ lean tricks.

Question: where can i buy it? and, can you help me make it?
Answer: sorry i cant help on that.. i made it. and i cant make it on order as we have limited resources of people and time and we use it to make new things only.
However, i have shown everything that i made, so that if anyone wants to make it, show it to a metal fabricator and any experienced person can make it. none of the dimensions in my structure matter since all dimensions (even materials and thicknesses) will need to be according to the size and weight of person wearing it

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4:18 Best Drummer Ever [HD]

Best Drummer Ever [HD]

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Amazing Drummer — Gordo
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Location — Sydney CBD, Australia

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3:5 Genie Magic Lamp Levitation |  Street Performer

Genie Magic Lamp Levitation | Street Performer

Magic lamp and Holy Spirit

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Have fun!

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6:53 Brazilian Prank Mirror - reflectionless  (subtitles in english)

Brazilian Prank Mirror - reflectionless (subtitles in english)

Amazing joke no reflection in the mirror. With subtitles in english.
Brazilian tv show Programa Silvio Santos.

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9:26 CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked

CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked

Any time you’re faced with a problem, surely you’ve racked a few stupid ideas through your mind before you found a practical solution. But once in awhile, it seems those outlandish solutions might just actually be solutions. Here’s 15 times those crazy ideas actually worked.

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6. Goggles For Dogs
Do dogs really need an accessory? Surely all the cutesy clothes and even collars we place on them is enough. However, as ridiculous as the phrase “dog goggles” seems for anyone, it’s a business venture that’s worked out in the dog goggle manufacturers favor. The inventor of the product known as the “doggles” is Jill Doyle and while most would quip that these things look ridiculous, the goggles protect your dog’s eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Since dogs need to run around outside as much as possible, some owners would like to take the extra precaution. The company that sells doggles makes around $5 million in revenue every year and also includes products that are prescribed lenses for dogs with visual impairments.

5. Dropped and Shipped
Speaking of conscientious dog owners, let’s take a look at the opposite side of the spectrum. Dog owners in the Madrid suburb of Brunete, Spain were said to have a bad habit of not picking up after their dogs. This problem was becoming such an issue, that efforts were made to stop this problem. And instead of just issuing fines, officials found a better way to to deal with the unsanitary problem. A group of volunteers would look out for the dogs and their owners, bag the poop themselves, and then send it in the mail back to the owners. The practice has said to be highly effective, with the number of dog droppings around Brunete being considerably fewer.

4. Fisherman Wearing Masks
A lot of animals aren’t particularly stupid, especially a beast like a Bengal Tiger. However, just because they’re not stupid doesn’t mean they’re super aware of human devices, even one as simple as a mask. Fisherman in the Ganges Delta were dealing with Bengal Tigers sneaking up on them as they tried to do their job and it was becoming a dangerous problem. Instead of hurting the tigers or just moving the a different location, it seemed all that was needed was a prop. To scare away tigers approaching them behind, the fisherman were instructed to wear these masks of a human face, which seemed to trick most tigers into thinking a human being had spotted them. Or the face on the mask is just that displeasing that it just scares them off.

3. Bottled Air
You’ve probably heard about people complaining about bottled water, how it’s all a sham and that clean drinking water should come free anyways. So then think about the concept of bottled air. Now that you’ve thought about it for a bit, just know you can buy said product. Vitality Air was created by a Canadian startup company who sell cans of what is said to be “100% pure Rocky Mountain air” for about $32 each. Sounds crazy, sure, but the little novelty product has made loads for itself and it’s said places with higher air pollution are the locations of the biggest buyers of the bottled air.

2. Shade Balls
The phrase “shade balls” could mean a lot to people if you weren’t aware of context. But what they actually refer to are the millions of plastic balls that were dumped into the Ivanhoe Reservoir in Los Angeles 2 years ago. The reason stems down to the continuing drought that the state of California has been going through. Placing the 4 inch thick plastic balls in the water would help shade the water from the hot sun, reducing rapid evaporation. Thus, things like bacteria and algae would be less likely to form, and certain chemical substances wouldn’t be able to be produced.

Pigs With Munchies
Stigma against legalized marijuana has slowly been falling away, especially not that places like Washington State have implemented it legally. But farmers in said state have also implemented the plant, and not in the way you probably think. Instead, cannabis has been incorporated into the pig feed and it’s said to increase the weight of the pigs to up to 30 pounds more—for reasons you can imagine. Eating this new feed has made the pigs here bigger than pigs in other parts of country usually are, which only means good things for the farming trade in Washington.

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2:25 Magician Pranks people with Smoke Rings - Julien Magic

Magician Pranks people with Smoke Rings - Julien Magic

Here is my New Smoke Ring Prank video with Sthlm Panda!

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6:23 Visual COIN TRICK - TUTORIAL  | TheRussianGenius

Visual COIN TRICK - TUTORIAL | TheRussianGenius

You'll learn how to Magically and Visually vanish a coin!

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Aloysius Twill
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1:55 How to Do the Floating Coffee Cup Trick | Magic Tricks

How to Do the Floating Coffee Cup Trick | Magic Tricks

Like these Magic lessons!!! Check out the official app

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Male 1: Hey, Heather, could I borrow your coffee, actually?

Heather: Sure.

Male 1: OK. Cool. This is pretty interesting. I don't know if I could pull it off though, but watching. All right. Whoa... [SS]...

Heather: [laughs]

Male 1: Try it one more time.

Heather: Whoa.

Male 1: Whoa, whoa. One more time.

Heather: What are you doing with my coffee?

Male 1:... [SS]...

Heather: Whoa. [laughs]

Male 1: It's, like, possessed. Here you go.

Heather: OK. I don't want it back.

Male 1: You don't want it back?

Heather: I'm scared of it.

Male 1: [laughs]


Male 1: OK. Here's the explanation to the floating coffee cup. There are always coffee cups in the office, so this is a really, really good ice breaker. You need a coffee cup. Definitely Styrofoam cup, and I'll tell you why. And it could be filled with coffee, but if it's filled with coffee you want it to be below the half way mark. Because the secret is, basically, when you take the coffee cup what you're going to do is you're going to literally poke a hole right into the coffee cup. Right into it there should be a hole. And to mask that sound you could cough, or you could do whatever, like, laugh really loud. I don't know what you want to do. But basically, once the thumb is inside the coffee cup what you want to do is you want to let go of all your fingers. And if you want you could shake a little bit, and it looks like it's really, really floating. And make sure your fingers are far away from the cup, so they don't think you're holding it in any way. So a little bit of shaking actually adds to the illusion. And you always want to try to grab it before it gets too far, like it's trying to fly away from you. And that's the secret to the floating coffee cup. Have fun.

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10:46 Amazing Fast Workers Super Human Level #7 - Best of 2016

Amazing Fast Workers Super Human Level #7 - Best of 2016

Full Videos Level 1 to 14
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