Ara: What’s next

Ara: What’s next

Май 20, 2016

Project Ara is a new modular computing platform, allowing devices to be customized for style and function. Choose your high-res camera, add a louder speaker, swap in a better battery. Imagine the possibilities. And we’re releasing a developer kit with device later this year. Check for updates here: and follow us on twitter @ProjectAra

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8:45 Why Have Modular Smartphones Failed?

Why Have Modular Smartphones Failed?

What do Project ARA, LG G5, Moto Z and Fairphone have in common? None of them were very successful. Why? — The Story Behind Episode 17



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LED lights (white): Yongnuo YN300
Color LED light bulbs: Revogi Lightbulb
Color LED desk light: Revogi Candle
Color LED strip: Revogi LED Strip
Portable SSD: Samsung T1

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3:7 Google Project Ara - The Science Behind It (2016)

Google Project Ara - The Science Behind It (2016)

Google's Project Ara gives us the power to totally customize the phone's hardware and upgrade it to suit our needs. Google's subsidiary division ATAP, led by Paul Eremenko has been working on this project and has shown the world some working prototypes. They aim at touching 6 billion through this technology and will be pushing the device into the markets by the end of 2016.

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4:59 Why Did Google's Project ARA(Modular Phone) Fail? Ep.01 ITO

Why Did Google's Project ARA(Modular Phone) Fail? Ep.01 ITO

In This First Episode Of Inside The Outside Series I'm Gonna Dig through Google's ARA Project And What Exactly Has Happen To All This Modular Phone Technology!

Comment Down What You Think Modular Phone History Would Be?

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0:50 Project Ara: Part of it

Project Ara: Part of it

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5:57 Google's Project Ara: Reinventing the smartphone with building blocks

Google's Project Ara: Reinventing the smartphone with building blocks

Project Ara, a smartphone you can customize, may seem like a crazy idea, but it's not half as crazy as what it takes to build it. Google's ATAP group, led by Paul Eremenko, takes the DARPA philosophy and applies it to building phones. Eremenko wants five billion customers, but before he gets there, he has to convince developers to create the hardware.

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3:57 Welcome to Project Soli

Welcome to Project Soli

Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects.

Follow Google ATAP on Twitter for updates on Project Soli:

Visit!forum/soli-announce to sign up for updates.

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1:49 Google’s smartwatch with radar for gesture control

Google’s smartwatch with radar for gesture control

Google’s project Soli shrunk radar down to a tiny chip so you can control you smartwatch with a snap of your fingers.

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2:47 Phonebloks


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5:20 Project Ara Spiral 2 Demo

Project Ara Spiral 2 Demo

David Fishman (Google) and Dexter Yeh (Quanta) show working prototype of modular Ara phone. Original source: Online magazine.

David Fishman shows Demo of spiral 2 prototype for Project Ara which is Google's Modular phone system. Video Source/Credit: Google ATAP And, read.

Google ATAP Team's Rafa Camargo has showed the Project Ara Demo at Google I/O 2015. Video Credit: Google Subscribe to our YouTube channel at.

Project Ara Freezes on First BOOT in live conference in Google IO 2014 Project Ara first Boot Project Ara first look Project Ara review Project Ara official video.

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