Hair removal in bikini line, underarm and legs by Ellipse I2PL laser

Hair removal in bikini line, underarm and legs by Ellipse I2PL laser

Август 22, 2013

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Unwanted hair can be removed permanently in women as well as men by Ellipse I2PL laser technology. This video shows hair removal in bikini line, underarm and legs in a female patient. To achieve hairfreeness 4-8 treatments with 2-3 months interval are required. All skin types can be treated and a treatment takes less than 30 minutes.
The treatment is practically painfree. It feels like a gentle flick by a rubber band.
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2:12 Brazilian & Pubic Laser Hair Removal Demo (Miami, Fl)

Brazilian & Pubic Laser Hair Removal Demo (Miami, Fl)

Today's segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa ( located between Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles — and just 15 minutes south of Aventura. We are covering the topic of pubic and Brazilian laser hair removal, what you should know, as well as whether or not you're a candidate. If you have a question please fell free to ask us below in the comment section, or call us at 305-864-3333 for a complimentary consultation.

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0:5 Salon Secrets - What to expect during a Brazilian Wax - Salon Secrets

Salon Secrets - What to expect during a Brazilian Wax - Salon Secrets

Find out what will happen when you get your Brazilian. A great video for 1st timers and seasoned waxers. This video covers what you should do before the appointment, what will happen at the appointment & what standards of safety and hygiene should be expected of your therapist.

How NOT to treat a client during a brazilian wax:

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2:39 角栓 まとめてみた blackhead comedone extract

角栓 まとめてみた blackhead comedone extract



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3:4 DIY Beauty: How to Lighten Dark Underarms - Charcoal vs Baking Soda

DIY Beauty: How to Lighten Dark Underarms - Charcoal vs Baking Soda

Hey Lovers!!

I hope you're all feeling and looking fabulous! Today, I have something super exciting to share with you all. How many of you suffer from dark underarms? Maybe you're looking for ways to lighten those dark underarms? I suffer from the same darn thing and it's a pain in the ass. I know.. it can be uncomfortable sometimes to even wear a sleeveless top because you might feel insecure about it. Well look no further!! Today, I am going to do 2 underarm lightening remedies and I will compare which one I prefer. That decision will be based on which one works the best for me. I will be using activated charcoal for one and baking soda for the other. Check out the ingredient lists down below.


Charcoal Paste — 1 Tbsp Honey — 1 Tsp Activated Charcoal

Baking Soda Paste — 2 Tsp Coconut Oil — 1 Tsp Baking Powder

Causes of Dark Underarms: — Shaving — Antiperspirant/ Deodorant — Dead Skin Cells

I know for a fact that waxing really helps with naturally lightening the underarms because the hair is pulled right from the root. Shaving on the other hand darkens the underarms, well atleast it does for me. Reason being that the hairs are removed from the surface, not from the root. I used to wax all the time, now I shave more because it's less time consuming. I do want to get back to waxing though because my underarms looked FANTASTIC when I waxed.

Also, be sure to exfoliate your underarms to prevent the build up of dead skin cells. This is another cause of dark underarms!! Exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE!!

Lastly, sometimes the products you may use, like antiperspirant, may cause your underarms to darken. If this is the case, maybe try switching to another product to prevent this.

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Thank you for watching JasminRemedies xo


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Ingrown Hair Causes

Anyone can get an ingrown hair. But the problem is more common in people who have very curly or coarse hair. Curly hair is more likely to bend back and re-enter the skin, especially after it's been shaved or cut.

Also, people with high levels of certain sex hormones can have excessive hair growth, which makes it more likely to get ingrown hairs, especially after shaving.

Many African-Americans, Latinos, and people with thick or curly hair develop a type of ingrown hair called pseudofolliculitis. More commonly known as "razor bumps, " this collection of little bumps is common on the beard area after you've shaved, waxed, or tweezed to remove unwanted hair. The hair that grows back has a sharper edge, so it can more easily poke back through the skin and get trapped under the surface.

A VERY OLD ingrown hair that has resided below skin level for a while finaly surfaces. This video is a demonstration on how to remove an ingrown hair using a needle and tweezers (thumbs up for golden tweezers!)

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1:55 Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Laser hair removal will give you the silky smooth hairless skin of your dreams. Never again will you have to worry about waxing, shaving or unwanted hair anywhere on your body. We are in the room where the magic occurs. Utilizing specially engineered hair removal lasers, patients can achieve permanent results of hairless skin and even make their skin healthier at the same time. State of the art, integrated and computer controlled cooling systems cool the skin during laser hair removal treatment minimizing any discomfort. Patients at our laser hair removal clinic unanimously report that the treatments are a piece of cake compared to waxing or electrolysis.

At AMA Skincare our laser hair removal specialists use the latest in laser technology to permanently remove your unwanted hair safely and effectively. The root of the hair is targeted by the laser energy to kill the source, preventing the hair from regrowing in the future. The laser hair removal process is pain free and easier than you think. The only thing you need for permanent hair removal is time. 5 to 6 hair removal treatments are typically needed at around 4 to 6 weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

The reason for this is that there are 3 different phases of hair growth. The active growth phase is the first. This is when the follicle is actually generates the new hair. The mature phase is the second. This is when the hair stops growing. The third is the dormant phase. This is when the old hair is shed by the follicle and the entire process starts all over again. Every phase of hair growth must be treated in order to permanently remove the hair.

I started the laser hair removal treatment to take the hair off my legs, under my arms and my bikini line. That’s probably been one of my favorite things about this treatment. Just the time saving of not having to shave or wax. The pleasure of having really smooth hairless skin all the time. Not having to worry about any of that has been absolutely phenomenal. It’s the best place I’ve found. AMA Skincare is my home away from home. I love AMAs laser hair removal treatment with all my heart.

Does laser hair removal hurt? Each pulse of the laser energy removes a quarter sized patch of hair. Most patients report the sensation to feel like being snapped by a rubber band or the hair being plucked out. The skin is cooled prior to the lasers pulse by an integrated cooling system. This acts as a natural anesthetic minimizing any discomfort by cooling down the skin. Patients often report that when compared to waxing, laser hair removal does not hurt at all.

We also have a touch-up guarantee in the rare case that hair appears in an area previously treated by us. Are you ready to give up razors, waxing, shaving, stubble and ingrown hairs forever? Are you ready to have the silky smooth hairless skin of your dreams, every day when you start the day, without having to think about it? We are ready to make that happen with laser hair removal as soon as you are.

AMA Skincare & Wellness

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
6310 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 285
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Irvine, Orange County
2302 Martin St., Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92612




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4:54 How NOT to treat a client during a brazilian wax

How NOT to treat a client during a brazilian wax

Alex & I have a bit of a laugh as we explain the rules of clientele etiquette then do the complete opposite! Hope you liked it and we gave your a smile : )
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4:42 How to remove armpit hair permanently at home

How to remove armpit hair permanently at home

how to remove armpit hair permanently at home
Underarm Waxing, it's easy

Sugaring Wax Recipe and Tutorial

(Celebrities Beauty secret )

Remove Facial Hairs Without WAXING

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3:59 Best way to remove underarm hair at home.

Best way to remove underarm hair at home.

Video how to remove the hair from the armpits.

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8:52 Ingrown Hair | Ingrown Hair Removal, Close up!

Ingrown Hair | Ingrown Hair Removal, Close up!

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