Hair removal in bikini line, underarm and legs by Ellipse I2PL laser

Hair removal in bikini line, underarm and legs by Ellipse I2PL laser

Август 22, 2013

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Unwanted hair can be removed permanently in women as well as men by Ellipse I2PL laser technology. This video shows hair removal in bikini line, underarm and legs in a female patient. To achieve hairfreeness 4-8 treatments with 2-3 months interval are required. All skin types can be treated and a treatment takes less than 30 minutes.
The treatment is practically painfree. It feels like a gentle flick by a rubber band.
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A VERY OLD ingrown hair that has resided below skin level for a while finaly surfaces. This video is a demonstration on how to remove an ingrown hair using a needle and tweezers (thumbs up for golden tweezers!)

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01:21 Laser Hair Removal — Female Buttocks with Candela GentleLASE® @ Velvet Effect Lasers

Laser Hair Removal — Female Buttocks with Candela GentleLASE® @ Velvet Effect Lasers

Laser Hair Removal of back with Candela GentleLASE®. is a finely tuned sophisticated procedure done with the use of a laser. These specific lasers are designed to remove the growth center at the base of the hair follicle. The laser emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin, to the hair follicle, where the laser light is absorbed. Upon absorption, the laser energy is transformed into heat, which can destroy the follicle.

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01:47 How to maintain your bikini area

How to maintain your bikini area

from the website

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Cancel that painful wax and ditch the daunting epilator as NEW Quattro For Women Bikini combines all your hair removal products in one high performance girly gadget. Discover how to get the smoothest, silkiest skin imaginable by watching our video for total body bliss.

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My 2 and half year old Joey having a nature snack. :) We went out to a local public park with beautiful landscape and ducks! Joey asked to nurse a little bit. I weaned him at 3 years old, right after his birthday!

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03:07 Skin Tags. mov

Skin Tags. mov Skin Tags Removal

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01:02 Young Lady Is Getting Mauled By Two Young Lions

Young Lady Is Getting Mauled By Two Young Lions

Hi guys, My name is Maxine Prins, I am the girl playing with these lions.
Almost 5 years ago I did volunteer work at the Lion-Park in Johannesburg. By that time I didn’t know anything about the canned hunting and their active roll in this. I heard about that a year later and I was really angry and sad. This video was taken at that park and I don’t know what happened to these poor lion cubs I spend a few months with.

Because of this, I want to dedicate my life to save animals and really make a difference. I went back to South-Africa this year to do a wildlife course and learn more about these beautiful animals.

The first week of my course I visited a couple of animal parks and at one horrible park I saw this poor little lion cub sitting alone in a small filthy enclosure. I had to move on because my course continued but I could just not get that picture of that cub out of my mind. So when I was done with the course I hired a car and immediately went back to that park and bought the lion cub, Elsa. I got in contact with a beautiful sanctuary, Jukani and they wanted to adopt her. I was so happy! So I got all the permits to move Elsa. We moved her on 24-10-2015 and now she is living a happy life there with a new name, Moomba.

This video went viral for the wrong reasons.. People need to know not to visit or volunteer at these kinds of parks, were you can pet or walk with lions. All the lions end up as a trophy and that is terrible! Because I also didn’t know about this canned hunting, I want to create more awareness for the subject so that other people can learn from my mistake!

Now I saved one lion cub, but there are a lot more to save. I decided not to stop with only this lion cub and started a foundation to save more lions/animals, which I have named after her; the Moomba Foundation.

Please subscribe or visit my website if you want updates about my projects.

Thank you for reading this and please share and let people know about canned hunting and these lion farms.



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09:52 India: A place, a sensation (part 2/3)

India: A place, a sensation (part 2/3)

A long stimulating journey in which a lot of things happen. The experiences of a curious and intrepid traveler who travels Australia, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam showing your own feelings through this long journey inspired by classic travel literature.
In this case, the destination is India. Follow our host into this exciting, deep and magic land.
Religion, exotism, extravagancy, elegancy, eclecticism...everything you wanna know about India. Living India like indian people, walking by Bombay streets or having a bath in Central India.

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05:00 Salon Secrets — What to expect during a Brazilian Wax — Salon Secrets

Salon Secrets — What to expect during a Brazilian Wax — Salon Secrets

Find out what will happen when you get your Brazilian. A great video for 1st timers and seasoned waxers. This video covers what you should do before the appointment, what will happen at the appointment & what standards of safety and hygiene should be expected of your therapist.

How NOT to treat a client during a brazilian wax:

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01:34 Cerdo limpia tu casa!!

Cerdo limpia tu casa!!

jaja est video muestra una muy buena razon por la que debemos limpiar nuesta casa! espero q ls wust

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03:56 How To Make Natural Viagra

How To Make Natural Viagra

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Video & Music written, recorded and owned by Cheadle Brothers

How To Make Natural Viagra Part 2

Watermelon may be a natural Viagra, says a researcher. That’s because the popular summer fruit is richer than experts believed in an amino acid called citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Watermelon, Strawberries, Lemon and Lime.

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